’90 Day Fiance’: Eric’s Profuse Sweating, Debbie’s Nightstand Clutter, and Other Odd Stuff

90 Day Fiance fans watch the stars like Debbie Johnson and Eric Rosenbrook but are they missing the stuff going on around them that never gets mentioned? You’ve seen Colt Johnson‘s mother Debbie Johnson tucked into her bed but look at that nightstand next to her. What’s going on there says a lot about the mother-in-law to be.

TLC’s 90 Day Fiance – Hair, Sweat, and Clutter

You have to admit that no one can hang a clump of hair like Angela Deem from the last season of 90 Day Fiance: Before the 90 Days. Then, of course, there’s Eric Rosenbrook’s recent social media buzz about his profuse sweating even while sitting perfectly still.

These 90 Day Fiance celebrities have a lot of stuff going on around them that you might not even notice. While it’s not mentioned on the TLC show, some astute armchair sleuths hop on social media to point this stuff out. There’s a lot of things that don’t make sense and some folks love to zero in on this.

Colt Johnson, Debbie Johnson, and Larissa Christina

When Colt Johnson gets engaged to Larissa Christina on 90 Day Fiance and the cople surprise Debbie to show her the ring. She’s in bed. So they wake her up to celebrate their engagement. You might not have noticed but Debbie’s nightstand is cluttered.

If clutter drives you nuts, you probably did glance that way. The clock reads about 10:05 on the nightstand and with the lamp shining down on all her stuff you can see there’s no room for anything else. That tabletop is full as some 90 Day Fiance fans noticed.

Besides glasses and a charging cell phone, Debbie’s array of skin lotions in pump bottles are also on that table. The products’ labels are all turned away from the camera so the brand names aren’t showing. Along with a bottle, that looks like it contains water, there’s a plastic cup. It also looks as if she’s got earplugs in that cup, either that or a couple of big white pills.

Send in the 90 Day Fiance Prop’s Person

It looks like a roll-on deodorant and a big bottle of some kind of natural supplement are also perched on the nightstand. Their kitchen counter is yet another place to collect clutter. It’s full of small plastic storage bins with everything from papers to bananas piling up. There doesn’t look as if there’s room for much more stuff on their countertops. It looks like someone in this house has the tendency to clutter up the works.

Think about it, there’s a 90 Day Fiance props person who goes in and turns all the labels away from the camera before the scene is shot. You’d be hard pressed to find a brand name on anything in Debbie’s house.

 Cheese Doodle Orange Dust and Free Refills

Speaking of brand names – Cheese Doodle fingers were the talk online after a recent 90 Day Fiance episode aired. Kalani Faagata reamed Asuelu Pulaa for his bad decision of removing the baby from the car seat. That’s only because they were driving on the highway at the time. When she did this, she had orange Cheese Doodle dust on her fingers.

Jesse Meester’s product infatuation on 90 Day Fiance: Before the 90 Days got some buzz on social media. One of the things he liked about America was the “free refills.” Jesse and his partner Darcey Silva give the masses plenty of props to talk about. From flying Louibaton heels to a piece of steak cut on the bias – these two utilized all types of objects and products.

Colt Johnson and Debbie Johnson Don’t Sweat It

Colt Johnson, Larissa Christina and Colt’s mom Debbie Johnson live in Las Vegas. This is a place where the daytime temperature leaves you sweltering in the shade. On 90 Day Fiance, it’s mentioned many times that their car’s air conditioner is on the blink. Yet they ride around in the mid-day sun with the windows all rolled up. Furthermore, the trio looks as cool as cucumbers. This confuses the folks on social media as this doesn’t make much sense.

When it comes to props or belongings, no one stored things better than Angela Deem from the last season of 90 Day Fiance: Before the 90 Days. Whether it looked romantic or not, she had no qualms about hanging her hairpiece off a lamp. It was an odd look in the background of her hotel room, but that is who this woman from Georgia is. She’s someone who falls under the old adage – take me as I am!

Eric Rosenbrook Does Sweat It

Another more recent topic to hit the social media sites is Eric Rosenbrook and his profuse sweating. People are talking about this and a recent article also mentioned Eric’s very damp presentation.

Every time Eric Rosenbrook shows up on camera he looks as if he just got hit with the ice bucket challenge, suggests Vulture. If anyone has something to be nervous about Eric Rosenbrook does, so maybe fans of the TLC series are just seeing the stress taking its toll on Eric.

Paul Staehle Bulletproof or Not?

Paul Staehle wore what looked like a bulletproof vest as he ran around the streets of Brazil after Karine Martins. Fans knew Paul was an overcautious kind-of-guy, but the vest was a bit over-the-top. It wasn’t bulletproof after all. This 90 Day Fiance: Before the 90 Days star had on a cooling vest. You just pour ice cubes in and you have your own rather primitive air conditioning.

No matter what you see on or around the 90 Day Fiance cast, chances are others also got a gander at it too. Social media’s filled with questions about the odd things seen in the background of this TLC production.

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