’90 Day Fiance’: Emily & Sasha Spend Valentine’s Day in the Dark

90 Day Fiance star Emily McCue Larina and Sasha Larin spent Valentine’s day in the dark. Many people celebrate the holiday by showing their love for someone with a romantic gesture. But, when a snowstorm ruins your plans, you have to get creative. And, that’s what Sasha and Emily did.

90 Day Fiance: No Power – Emily McCue Larina & Sasha Larin Left in the Dark

Last week, Emily McCue Larina celebrated her husband, Sasha Larin’s birthday. It was the 90 Day Fiance cast member’s fifth birthday she got to spend with him. Emily said that she is “so lucky” to have Sasha in her life. She showed her husband a lot of love on his special day. According to Emily, she and Sasha have come a long way since their days of living in a shared one-bedroom apartment with friends in Butovo, Russia.

A few days after Sasha Larin’s birthday, the 90 Day Fiance couple’s area got hit with a big snowstorm. They got a lot of snow and ice where they live in Oregon. The storm had even knocked out their power, leaving Emily McCue Larina and Sasha in the dark. The storm didn’t come at a good time. The TLC stars weren’t able to have any light to celebrate Valentine’s day.

90 Day Fiance: Emily McCue Larina - Sasha Larin

Emily & Sasha Have Flashlight Lit Valentine’s Day Dinner

Over the weekend, Emily McCue and Sasha Larin celebrated Valentine’s Day. Unfortunately, without power, the 90 Day Fiance duo couldn’t do much. They had to get creative with their plans. The weather also made it hard for them to go out on a date for the special occasion. So, Sasha and Emily decided to keep the celebrations simple and stay home.

The 90 Day Fiance pair had a lovely family meal in the comfort of their own house. Sasha Larin and his wife, Emily Larina, sat down with their son to have dinner together. According to Emily, they had a “flashlight lit” dinner instead of using candles. She also said that they ate McDonald’s as well. It wasn’t the most romantic Valentine’s day date. But, Emily was with the two men she loves the most, her husband and son.

90 Day Fiance: Emily McCue Larina

90 Day Fiance Celeb & Son Bundle Up

Emily McCue’s power outage nightmare continued into the next day. There was still no electricity when she woke up. She said that her son’s daycare also didn’t open, so he had to stay home with her. The cold weather was also starting to creep into their home since they weren’t able to heat their house. Emily said that she and her baby boy had to “bundle up” for the day while inside.

However, the 90 Day Fiance TLC star didn’t seem to mind not having power. Emily Larina said that she was fine not having TV, lights or WiFi. She also said that the cold “is not awful” when she has her coat on. But, there is one thing she wished she could have. Emily said she was “dying for a warm cup of coffee.” Hopefully, the electricity will be back on soon.

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