’90 Day Fiance’: Sasha’s Baby with Emily Not Considered Family by His Ex-Wives

90 Day Fiance star Emily McCue Larina said that Sasha Larin‘s ex-wives don’t consider Sasha’s new baby son David a part of the family. Emily said that his ex-wives told her that son was not a brother to their children that were also fathered by Sasha.

As seen on 90 Day Fiance, Sasha has a past of marrying women, getting them pregnant and then leaving them. But, that may not mean Sasha doesn’t want to be in his children’s lives. Emily wants their son David to have a relationship with his half-brothers. Even though their mothers don’t see David as a brother to their sons.

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90 Day Fiance: Emily McCue Addresses Fans Calling Husband Sasha Larin a “Serial Impregnator”

Emily McCue Larina met her Sasha Larin (now her husband) while she was teaching English abroad in Russia. On 90 Day Fiance Emily said she is Sasha’s third wife. Sasha already had two sons with his ex-wives. Now he also has a son with Emily. Many fans thought that there was a pattern in his relationships.

Emily McCue wrote on social media that her husband Sasha is “not a serial impregnator”. But, many 90 Day Fiance fans think that fathering 3 children with 3 different women in a relatively short period of time says otherwise.

According to the 90 Day Fiance TLC star’s husband and his mother, Sasha Larin’s first ex-wife begged him to have a baby with her. At the time he was only 22. While his ex Masha was 24. Emily McCue Larina explained online that in Sasha’s hometown “you are seen as an old maid if you aren’t married with children by 25.”

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2nd Wife Upset When He Quits High Paying Job To Become A Fitness Trainer

Sasha Larin met his second wife only a few years after his divorce. The 90 Day Fiance fitness trainer quickly found himself expecting his second son. However, their marriage wasn’t as perfect as it was in the beginning. From what Emily McCue Larina has been told, their divorce was mutual.

As seen on 90 Day Fiance, Sasha Larin said that “in the beginning everything was okay” but it didn’t last long. He became unhappy working at a Russian prison. So, he quit. His wife Emily McCue Larina wrote online that his second wife didn’t like that Sasha left his job to pursue a career as a fitness trainer. According to Sasha, he became to muscular for his her. So, they got a divorce. Then he met Emily.

Sasha’s Son with Emily Not Considered Family

Knowing that Emily McCue Larina is aware of Sasha Larin’s past wives, fans wondered if she had any relationship with them. Emily admitted during a Q&A session that she only talks to them “just to make sure that Western Union deposited the money in their account.” She also talks to them to “ask about clothing sizes.” Emily is trying to be nicer to them “even when they don’t consider my son a brother to theirs.”

During a Q&A session, a 90 Day Fiance fan asked why Sasha Larin’s exes don’t see their son as family. Emily McCue Larina’s response was “I honestly don’t know.” She explained that every time she tried to have her son meet his brothers, the ex-wives would always cancel. But, Emily did state that she and Sasha are exploring ways to have his sons visit them in America.

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