’90 Day Fiance’: Elizabeth Answers Most Hated Question About Andrei

90 Day Fiance’s Elizabeth Potthast says there’s one question that she hates answering. It actually has to do with her husband Andrei Castravet and it’s one that she gets all the time. In fact, she seems pretty fed up with even reading it anymore. So, what riles up Libby every single time she reads it?

90 Day Fiance: Elizabeth Potthast Says She’s Over This Andrei Castravet Question

If there’s one thing Elizabeth Potthast absolutely despises answering about her 90 Day Fiance hubby Andrei Castravet, it’s this. She did a little Q&A on her social media the other day and one fan asked a very interesting question that got her a little steamed up. “Question you hate being asked/comment you’re tired of seeing,” they want to know. Well, Libby wasn’t shy in letting them know the real answer.

Pretending to be a 90 Day Fiance fan, Elizabeth kept asking the same exact question she doesn’t like getting. “Does Andrei have a job” and “does he [Andrei] have a job yet?” It’s obvious that this particular question gets on her nerves. So, we’re going to tell you why she’s probably sick of hearing it.

Libby’s Dad Wasn’t Happy With Andrei Being Jobless

One constant topic of drama between Elizabeth Potthast, her family, and Andrei Castravet was him getting a job. Obviously, he left behind his life in Moldova to be with his 90 Day Fiance love. But Libby’s father Chuck Potthast wasn’t as thrilled with his son-in-law not being able to support his daughter. Especially with their one-year-old daughter Eleanor Castravet in the picture.

It’s interesting because Andrei is very set about the way men and women should be in a marriage. It’s known from his time on 90 Day Fiance that he thinks Elizabeth should be taking care of the baby. So, why isn’t Andrei in charge of caring for both of them by getting a job?

90 Day Fiance: Does Andrei Have a Job?

So, that’s apparently the big question that fans are dying to know. Well, the answer comes in the latest season of Happily Ever After that Andrei Castravet still doesn’t have a job. Not only that but it’s still a major point of contention between him and his in-laws. He says he’s concentrating on being a “stay at home dad” while Elizabeth Potthast works full-time. Yet, will Andrei ever be able to get a job and appease the rest of the family? Or will it forever be a cause for tension in the Potthast family?

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