’90 Day Fiance’: Family Friend Dishes Dirt on Darcey Silva – She and Tom Brooks No Longer Together?

90 Day Fiance‘s Darcey Silva has had an up and down relationship all season long with Tom Brooks on Before the 90 Days. Along with all the Tom frauding claims, 90 Day Fiance watchers want to know how much is real when it comes to Darcey’s storyline. A close friend recently dished dirt on the Silva twins and Tom Brooks. What’s the scoop?

90 Day Fiance: Family Friend Dishes on Darcey Silva’s Love Life

The daughter of Darcey Silva’s best friend recently answered fan questions online. And, she served some piping hot tea from behind the scenes – including the skinny on Darcey’s dating life. 90 Day Fiance watchers know the twins have a taste for foreign men. It turns out they lived with both of their previous husbands in the same house. And, it looks like they were always attached at the hip. Interestingly, both husbands were “aggressive” according to the tea spiller.

90 Day Fiance fans know Darcey Silva hasn’t had the best of luck in love. And, it seems that was the case long before she was ever in front of a TLC camera. The family friend said her luck hasn’t been good. And, it looks like that trend continued with Tom Brooks as well.

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90 Day Fiance: Darcey Silva and Tom Brooks Split?

Whether or not Darcey Silva and Nottingham man Tom Brooks are still an item has been an ongoing question throughout the current 90 Day Fiance: Before the 90 Days season. In addition, Darcey has been posting on Instagram and hinting that she is no longer with him. There’s no sign of Tom Brooks on her IG. Only selfies of she and Stacey Silva – along with soul-searching, motivational captions.

Based on the recent tea, it seems she and Tom Brooks are no longer together. But, it appears they’re still on good terms. Darcey has been hoping for a ring ever since 90 Day Fiance viewers saw her with Jesse Meester. But, it looks like she doesn’t get her happy ending with Tom Brooks either. Certainly, this would explain her scrubbing him from her IG profile. Meanwhile, he was seen out and about recently with a Darcey look-alike as well.

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Do TLC Cameras Make Darcey Look Bad?

One of the recurring questions when it comes to anything 90 Day Fiance is how much TLC edits scenes to boost a narrative and maximize drama. Many TLC fans see Darcey Silva as needy on the show. And, this seems to be in line with Jesse Meester’s claims that she harassed him to the point that he had to get a lawyer. But, the source dished that Jesse was a “pos” to her. And, that he was even more of an a**h*** off-camera. So, how much of what TLC airs is true?

According to the source, 90 Day Fiance “changed” the mother of two. It seems the stress of being on the show gives her anxiety – along with the fan hate she gets. In addition, the final TLC edit makes her look “1000 times worse”. But, it doesn’t look like the added stress that comes with being on the show is enough to keep her away from it.

There’s also the fact that Darcey Silva is a big draw for the network. An inside source told Soap Dirt her drama brings in a lot of viewers – and big bucks. So much so that she even has her own Production Assistant. She told TLC cameras that she wanted another shot at love on Before the 90 Days. But, it looks like more than the potential of a ring keeps her coming back for more.

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