’90 Day Fiance’: Tom Brooks Frauding for TLC Cameras – Smitten Darcey Silva Doesn’t Care?

90 Day Fiance’s Tom Brooks has been called out for frauding since the new season of Before the 90 Days first aired – but Darcey Silva doesn’t seem to mind. 90 Day Fiance spoilers reveal that Tom will take Darcey to look at expensive luxury homes. But, with all the fraud claims surrounding Darcey’s new man, was the entire thing just for show? What’s the scoop?

90 Day Fiance: Before the 90 Days – Tom Brooks Takes Darcey Silva to Look at Homes

90 Day Fiance spoilers report Darcey Silva and Tom Brooks looking at properties in Knighsbridge. It’s an upscale part of London and Darcey looks more than eager to soak up the posh area. She admits that it’s right up her alley. Tom tells TLC cameras that it’s a “business opportunity”. But, it seems Darcey is eyeing it as a potential forever home for the pair.

Darcey tells the realtor in the 90 Day Fiance extra scene that she can see herself living in London. And, she is waiting for Tom Brooks to propose at any opportunity. She says she is living a dream with her new man and certainly envisions herself living in the lap of London luxury. Tom mentions that he travels a lot for work and it seems Darcey Silva would love to stay in the neighborhood while her man is away.

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90 Day Fiance: A Long Con for Tom Brooks?

Many 90 Day Fiance fans know there’s frauding when it comes to Tom Brooks’ storyline. It all started on Instagram with Tom Brooks fake flexing. He took images belonging to other people online and tried to pass them off as his own – complete with his own captions. A few of the original owners of the images even called the Nottingham man out for it. But, he tried to pass it off as paid promotions.

More recently, the true nature of his relationship with “friend” Roucelle came to light. When Tom and Darcey Silva met Roucelle for a night of partying, TLC cameras made it look like the pair have known each other a long time. And, Tom tells Darcey that they dated at one point on 90 Day Fiance: Before the 90 Days. It turns out the two are no more than acquaintances at best. Is the investment property segment just another facet of this charade?

Interestingly, Tom Brooks talks about the logistics of where he and Darcey Silva could eventually live together. He even talks about potentially moving to the United States. If he is as well-established as he claims to be in London, a move to an entirely different country likely wouldn’t happen. And, based on all the frauding claims and questionable storylines, it’s possible this entire 90 Day Fiance segment is just for show.

Does Darcey Silva Care?

It seems Darcey Silva is completely swept up in the Tom Brooks narrative on 90 Day Fiance: Before the 90 Days. Interestingly, the mother of two has been writing cryptic captions of late to go along with her IG images. She captioned a recent snap with: “Loving me! I know my heart and truth! All we have is now.”

When the frauding chatter surrounding Tom Brooks first surfaced, Darcey Silva said on IG that she’s better off single. And, there isn’t much of Tom Brooks on her page. This could be a strategic way to play up the drama and keep fans tuning in. Whether or not she changed her tune on Tom since filming wrapped, she is clearly smitten on the current season of the show.

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