’90 Day Fiance’ Danielle Jbali – Ex-Hubby Mohamed Has New Eye For Beauty

90 Day Fiance star Danielle Jbali married her long-distance online sweetheart Mohamed Jbali but it didn’t last. The two divorced and all Danielle got out of it was a new last name. Furthermore, it’s a name she kept despite a short marriage to the man.

90 Day Fiance – Danielle Jbali and Ex Mohamed Jbali

Mohamed not only got a gig on the 90 Day Fiance show, but he also got a 90-day fiance visa. This is the same K-1 visa that this season’s cast members vie for. Danielle and Mohamed Jbali were a popular couple to watch on a previous season of the reality show.


After their wedding, their marriage was in a shambles and a divorce followed. He didn’t lose his green card and he never got deported. Instead, he’s living the American dream today in Austin, Texas.

Mohamed Jbali – Uber Driver

According to In Touch Magazine, Mohamed makes a living as an Uber driver all over the state of Texas. He’s kept everyone up to date with his journey in the US through his Instagram post.

It looks like Mohamed has developed a new eye for beauty. New reports indicate that he’s seriously into photography now. It also sounds like he’s doing well. In Touch reports, he’s “producing some incredible work.”

90 Day Fiance Alum – New Eye For Beauty?

His Instagram fans are learning a lot more about the man who came from Tunisia to marry Danielle Jbali. Or rather Danielle Mullins at the time. Mohamed’s posts of the adorable dogs at an Austin dog park captured a lot of attention. His pup photos come with captions that suggest Mohamed would like to get a dog of his own.

He’s taking pictures of Austin, a city he seems to love. As a result of his travels, he gets to post pictures of food from different eateries as well as photos of some of the beautiful architecture found in Texas.


Mohamed also takes the time to post plenty of selfies as well. Fans sound happy to see him fulfilling his dream in the US, as most of the comments on his Instagram account are positive.

Danielle and Mohamed – 90 Day Fiance Story Ends

Mohamed appears to find himself at home in Texas, much more so than he did on the show while living in Ohio. Furthermore, many would love nothing better than to see him on 90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After, but that’s not going to happen.

His happily ever after is a solo trip, as his marriage didn’t work out. One of the problems Danielle and Mohamed tried to work through was his lack of employment. Danielle was the main breadwinner in the family, which put a strain on her.

Yep, Mohamed has found his calling apparently in photography. He’s taken pictures of local street art in Austin, sunsets, and the sun’s reflection off buildings. While Mohamed left his married days behind him, his ex-wife Danielle has done the same. They’ve both moved on.

Danielle Jbali Has New Little Man In Her Life

As far as Danielle, she is doing fine with a new little man in her life. The proud grandmother, pictured above holding her grandson, is thrilled with the new addition to her family.

When asked why she never took back her maiden name, Danielle was happy to share that answer. The 90 Days Fiance star assured the masses it wasn’t because of her love for Mohamed. The work and cost behind changing her name back prompted her to just stay Danielle Jbali.

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