’90 Day Fiance’: Mohamed Jbali Update – Where is He Now?

90 Day Fiance cast member Mohamed Jbali is busy living life in America and doing his own thing. Viewers will never forget his explosive storyline with Danielle Jbali. There was a lot of drama in their TLC story. And, many viewers want to know what Mohamed has been up to since.

90 Day Fiance: Mohamed Jbali – Where is He Now Update

After Mohamed’s time on 90 Day Fiance with Danielle Jbali, many viewers wondered what Mohammed Jbali would do next. With how badly things ended with Danielle, some thought he would be deported. But, he managed to find a way to stay in America. And, he does well for himself.

Mohamed Jbali updated his 90 Day Fiance fans on what he does to keep himself busy. He drives a truck full-time. And, that includes living out of it, too. He added that he’s been driving for a year now. And, on top of putting in 70 hours a week, he calls his truck home.

90 Day Fiance: Danielle Jbali - Mohamed Jbali

90 Day Fiance: On the Road for Mohamed Jbali

Mohamed Jbali recently went into more detail about life on the road. He added that the work is “tiring” and “mentally exhausting.” He went on to say he underestimated the rigors of the job. And, that it’s so much more than just listening to your favorite songs on the radio and visiting new places.

Meanwhile, Mohamed said the hard work and long hours pay off once he sees his paycheck every week. And, having no rent and limited bills means his bank account continues “growing bigger.” On top of that, he encouraged his 90 Day Fiance followers to put their time and energy into the things they want to pursue. Mohamed Jbali said that if you don’t do that, you’ll always be right where you are.

Mohamed Jbali added that when he feels tired, and doubt comes in, that paycheck reminds him of what he works for. This is especially true as an immigrant making his way in America without an American spouse. He said seeing his paycheck gives him “extra power” and a boost in energy to keep doing what he does. And, he certainly found ways to make it work for him.

90 Day Fiance: Mohamed Jbali

What’s Next for Danielle Jbali’s Ex?

Mohamed and Danielle Jbali are one of the most memorable 90 Day Fiance couples—and not for good reasons. Things went south fast once Mohamed landed in America. And, the pair never recovered. But, despite a lot of uncertainty from that ordeal, Mohamed found a way to carve out a successful life for himself in the United States.

Along with sharing pics from his travels, Mohamed also shares snaps of his dog. In addition to that, he often shares recipes he cooks as well. Overall, he seems to be living his best life without Danielle Jbali.

Interestingly, Danielle said a while back that even though they haven’t seen each other in years, they are still in contact. And, it looks like they are trying to build a friendship following their difficult past. Even so, it’s clear he found success even after the end of that relationship—and possible deportation looming over his head.

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