’90 Day Fiance’: Corey’s DUI Arrest – New Embarrassing and Bizarre Details

90 Day Fiance: Before the 90 Days’ Corey Rathgeber was arrested for DUI a few months back – in case you hadn’t heard yet. But now, we’ve got an exclusive new detail that’s almost too bizarre to believe. Soap Dirt was first to get the detailed police report on the TLC star.

Not only was Corey sloppy and slurring at the scene of his arrest, but his breath test shows him close to double the legal limit. But that’s not all. There’s one embarrassing detail we’ve got that’s stranger than your average drunk driving arrest.

90 Day Fiance: Corey Rathgeber Way Over Legal Limit

It was November 2019 when Washington police arrested TLC’s Corey Rathgeber for running a stop sign, crossing yellow lines, then failing field sobriety tests. At the time, the police said that Corey was cooperative but confused. So, they had to struggle to get him into handcuffs.

Evelin Villegas’ husband fumbled his insurance card and was so out of it, he didn’t understand he’d been arrested. According to the police report, the 90 Day Fiance star thought if he refused a breathalyzer test, he couldn’t be arrested. Yet, officers arrested Corey Rathgeber already by then.

The police described his stained clothing, the smell of alcohol, and “red and watery” eyes. While taking roadside sobriety tests, they said Corey Rathgeber swayed and couldn’t perform tasks. Yet, Corey claimed he had just two beers hours before. But, there’s so much more to this 90 Day Fiance arrest.

90 Day Fiance: Corey Rathgeber - DUI - Before the 90 Days

Before the 90 Days: Corey Asked Police to Get Rid of Something “Embarrasing” – What Was It?

Given all this – there was one more stunning thing from the detailed report we got from the state of Washington report. After two sheriff’s deputies handcuffed Corey Rathgeber and loaded him into the car, he had bizarre request. Here’s what the 90 Day Fiance star did.

After deputies secured Corey in the back of the cop car for transport, things got even weirder. Because, according to our exclusive 90 Day Fiance info, Corey Rathgeber asked them to “remove an item” from his car. Naturally, the officer wanted to know what it was.

But, Corey reportedly wouldn’t specify what it was but said it’s “embarrassing”. So, while Corey Rathgeber was (allegedly) too drunk to drive, this thing was such a big deal that it cut through the haze. Remember, the 90 Day Fiance: Before the 90 Days star tested at .136-.141. That’s way over the .08 limit.

90 Day Fiance: Corey Rathgeber DUI - The Other Way

What Was So Embarrasing That the 90 Day Fiance Asked Deputies to Toss It?

The situation got even more bizarre with Corey Rathgeber and the deputy sheriffs. Because, Corey was insistent that the deputies get rid of this thing for him. While Corey wasn’t clear on the arrest, he probably understood his car was impounded and would be picked up.

Also, his mother, Linda Rathgeber, picked him up after his arrest. So, it’s a safe assumption that whatever the 90 Day Fiance cast member wanted hidden and thrown away, he wanted to keep it secret from his mom. Next, Corey told the officers that this “object” was in his backpack.

So, it seems that Corey Rathgeber’s pleading convinced the arresting officers to take pity on him. Because they pulled 90 Day Fiance’s Corey out and walked him to his car. But, it wasn’t in his bag. Then, the deputy said they found the embarrassing item on the back seat. So, what happened next?

90 Day Fiance: Evelin Villegas - Corey Rathgeber - Before the 90 Days

Deputies Dumped “Embarrassing” Thing for Corey Rathgeber

Then, the deputies explained in the report that they threw out the offending item in a trash can for Corey before locking up his car. So, what was it? Consider this. He didn’t mind the cops seeing it. But, it worried him a lot that someone from his family would see it. So, perhaps this “item” would offend his mom.

Perhaps it was something sexual? What else would be a big deal to the 90 Day Fiance Mormon? Were it an illegal item (like drugs), officers would grab it as evidence in Corey Rathgeber’s DUI case. So, that’s not it. We contacted the sheriff’s department for more details, but they declined to comment.

Since his arrest, he has been promoting the bar he owns with wife Evelin Villegas. See her ID above to confirm their marriage despite him hash-tagging them as GF and BF. Also, he’s been using hashtags like #cocktails. Strange for someone awaiting their DUI court date.

So, what was so shameful Corey asked the arresting deputy to dispose of it for him?

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