’90 Day Fiance’: Colt Wants To Divorce Larissa For New Girlfriend – Will She Be Deported?

90 Day Fiance stars Larissa Christina and husband Colt Johnson are currently facing a rough patch in their marriage and things have gone from bad to worse. The couple, who tied the knot in June this year, might be heading for divorce sooner than expected. Colt just admitted to stepping out on his wife but if they can’t work it out, where does that leave Larissa’s K1 status. Can he have her deported?

90 Day Fiance: Larissa Christina And Hubby Colt Johnson Still Together?

Earlier this week, fans of 90 Day Fiance witnessed a very public fall-out between Colt Johnson and Larissa Christina. The 31-year-old Brazilian made some bombshell revelations about her husband and dragged more names into the controversy.

Larissa shocked everyone when she announced that her 90 Day Fiance marriage to Colt was “destroyed”. Initially, she blamed her mother-in-law Debbie Johnson for the rift but later revealed that Colt’s cheating was what wrecked them. Then she offered proof to support the allegations.

Cheating Confirmed on Instagram

In a series of Instagram posts, the 90 Day Fiance brunette beauty exposed her husband’s infidelity, along with proof and more shocking claims. She even went as far as confronting one of the ladies that Colt flirted with online, telling her to back off since they are not separated yet.

With everything that happened between the 90 Day Fiance couple, the big question remains unanswered — are they still together? While it’s true that Larissa said she’s still with her husband, Colt Johnson seems to have conflicting statements.

Some of the troubling evidence that spilled out online over the last few days include a video of the seemingly shy programmer handling his man bits. Plus several women he was reportedly chatting with online release screenshots of their sketchy conversations.

90 Day Fiance: Colt Woos Rumored New Girlfriend In New Leaked Evidence

Meanwhile, more evidence of Colt Johnson’s cheating keeps coming out. In a new post on Instagram, one of the women Colt flirted with reveals he has been pursuing her for quite a while now.

In a series of text messages leaked online, the 90 Day Fiance cast member can be seen wooing the unnamed woman with promises of a future with her. Colt Johnson seems to make the woman believe that he intends to take their relationship to the next level if not only for Larissa.

Colt Wants New Woman – Not His 90 Day Fiance

“I am trying to say I can’t change my past,” Colt wrote. “But I want my future with you.” At one point Colt adds, “I’m honoring you, I am sharing with you, I haven’t with anyone else.”

The 90 Day Fiance star continues with his slick moves saying, “I promise you if you fall, I’ll catch you. I’ll protect you. I won’t burn you, just warm you. Comforting warmth.”

Colt Johnson also asks the other woman to send pictures, claiming he’s curious about her. The reality star even went as far as admitting he sometimes wonder how she smells like. If these texts are the real deal, this further supports Larissa’s claims that he cheated.

Plus he confirmed the cheating on Instagram, complete with a Bill Clinton video.

Colt Wants To Legally End Marriage With Larissa

Interestingly, Colt Johnson expressed his desire to legally end his marriage with Larissa Christina. In the same text exchange, the 90 Day Fiance star revealed that his “marriage in real life is falling apart”. That mirrors what Larissa said recently.

Opening up to his new fling, Colt admits that he is “so unhappy” with his marriage and that he can no longer deal with it. He also claims that he is in an abusive relationship, adding that he’s afraid for himself and the people around him.

“I’m trying to get out of this because every day is literally hell,” he stated. “It’s constant chaos. Screaming and yelling and crying and threats and violence.” Given her two arrests for domestic violence against Colt, this fits the known facts.

Colt Wants Larissa Gone?

Colt also revealed that he has been contacting Larissa’s family in Brazil. Apparently, he wants to inform them about his desire to divorce her. The 90 Day Fiance star seems determined to legally separate from his wife.

In his texts, Colt says Larissa will agree to divorce under one condition — that she gets her hands on the green card. “She’s trying to say she’ll leave if I agree to file her green card so she can bring her children here,” Colt revealed.

What Happens To Larissa If Colt Divorces Her?

So what will really happen to Larissa Christina if Colt Johnson pushes through with the divorce? According to immigration lawyer Richard Hanus, after marrying a U.S. citizen under a K-1 visa with a 90 Day Fiance status, the foreign national will then be required to apply for “adjustment of status.”

If approved, the foreign national will be issued a two-year conditional green card. The process could take at least 8-10 months. A divorce prior to the issuance of the green card will not affect the foreign national’s eligibility for permanent residence.

This is considering that the marriage was based on a “bona fide, genuine relationship and the couple adheres to the required 90-day period under K-1 visa”. The process will be easier, no doubt, if Colt doesn’t fight her on it and supports her green card efforts.

Deportation Unlikely

Larissa and Colt married six months ago and likely haven’t applied for “adjustment of status” yet. Even so, it should take a few more months and an interview before they could move to the next level. With all that’s going on with their marriage, it might be challenging for both of them to push through with it.

One thing is for sure though. Nothing in the law prevents 90 Day Fiance Larissa from being eligible for resident status. So being deported might be out of the picture. What do you think will happen to Colt and Larissa Christina? Will they be able to fix their marriage or completely fall out of it? Find out what happens next Sunday. TLC filmed her first arrest so it should be coming to the TV screen soon!

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