90 Day Fiance: Larissa Say Colt Plans To Ditch Her After TLC Sequel

90 Day Fiance star Larissa Christina spilled the beans about Colt Johnson‘s alleged cheating. The 31-year-old TLC reality star did not hold back in exposing what she says are his womanizing ways, complete with evidence and more shocking claims.

90 Day Fiance: Larissa Christina Spills Tea On Colt Johnson Cheating Allegations

Just a day after announcing her plans to take a break from social media, Larissa Christina returned with more revelations. The 90 Day Fiance celeb continued to dish about the status of her marriage which seems to be going downhill quickly.

In her latest, Larissa talked about Colt’s rumored cheating. She posted screenshots of text messages between her husband and a woman she says is his new girl. There were other intriguing allegations to go with the pics.

Colt Calls Larissa ‘Violent’ – Rumored New Girl Identified

The text exchange shows Colt Johnson telling his rumored new girlfriend, Keiraa, that they should “stop talking for a bit.” The reportedly happened after Larissa Christina discovered him flirting online.

At one point during their conversation, the 90 Day Fiance hubby even said his wife was “violent” and implies she might hurt them both if they continue. Fans are convinced that he is using Larissa’s previous domestic battery charges to justify his claims and convince Keiraa.

90 Day Fiance: Colt’s Girlfriend Claims He Sent Her D***k Pics

Interestingly, the woman in question was the one who informed 90 Day Fiance Larissa Christina about Colt Johnson’s internet infidelity. Apparently, the woman shared online (and with his wife) that he flirted with her and other women as well. In another post, Keiraa seemed to empathize with Larissa while admitting to talking to her husband online.

Keiraa also reveals to Larissa that Colt has been sending “d***k pics” to her and a bunch of other women. Though she did not go into specifics, Keiraa seemingly confirmed that Colt is cheating on Larissa. She even expressed her dismay about the issue.

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Colt Johnson – Addict or Everyday Cheater?

Colt flirting online and sending inappropriate photos (allegedly) to women is not so far-fetched. Especially considering he’s been accused of being a sex addict. One of Colt’s exes claims the 90 Day Fiance cast member said he’s into “bizarre, demeaning” type of things in the bed.

The alleged ex,also claims that the TLC show “skimmed over” Colt’s addiction. She adds that she feels sorry for Larissa Christina. It is also worth mentioning that Larissa leaked photos of Colt’s rumored new girlfriend. However, it remains unclear if the said woman is Keiraa.

Larissa Says Colt Plans To Dump Her After TLC Spinoff

Larissa Christina said Colt Johnson also plans to ditch her soon. They are reportely filming the 90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After spinoff. She says he wants to dump her once it wraps. During a conversation with Keiraa, he bluntly asked her not to talk to his wife.

He then adds that he will just have to “deal with her” before he finally becomes “free.” Making things more intriguing is Colt’s claims that he and Larissa are “separating” as you can see in the texts above. His wife says the reality star plans to unload her once their 90 Day Fiance contract is up.

90 Day Fiance: Are Larissa Christina And Colt Johnson Done?

With all the chaos with Colt and Larissa, fans wonder if things are really over between them. The 90 Day Fiance couple, who tied the knot in June 2018, have un-followed each other on social media. The couple also shows no sign of reconciling soon — at least based on their online activities.

Larissa said her marriage is destroyed, but her husband hasn’t confirmed. However, they do seem to still live under the same roof. But if they’re filming a 90 Day sequel, that’s understandable, but likely very uncomfortable.

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