’90 Day Fiance’: Drunk Charlie Strikes Again? This Time with Butt Kissing

90 Day Fiance‘s Charlie Potthast (Elizabeth Potthast’s brother) is at it again with drinking and coming at Andrei Castravet, his sister’s husband. Here is what went down.

90 Day Fiance: Charlie Potthast Has a Past

90 Day Fiance personality Charlie Potthast has issues with is sister Elizabeth Potthast Castravet. He doesn’t like the way she and her husband Andrei Castravet treat his dad. Charlie says that they treat him like a bank. Many fans think it is because he wants more money for himself. But he says it’s because he wants to make sure no one takes advantage of his dad.

At a family meeting, Charlie Potthast is seen drinking out of a white cup while the whole family is drinking wine. When Charlie starts talking, many fans say he seems intoxicated. This lead to some fans calling him “Drunk Charlie”. He says he doesn’t want to work with Andrei, and then he says, “F**k him.” He also says that he should be kissing his butt to make up for their fights. This causes Elizabeth to walk out of the house and start to cry because she doesn’t want to hear him bad talk her husband.

90 Day Fiance: Charlie Potthast

TLC Star and the Wedding Incident

90 Day Fiance sibling Charlie Potthast has plenty of beef with Andrei Castravet. When the couple got married in Moldova, Charlie had many problems learning that his father, Chuck Potthast, paid for the wedding. He drinks and decides that it is his turn to give a speech. In the speech, he says that Andrei better not come to America and ask Chuck for money.

Andrei says that he wants to fight Charlie for ruining his wedding. He pulls him aside and tells him to stop because he wants to have a nice wedding. Multiple people come up to Charlie and ask him to calm down for the wedding. Andrei hasn’t talked to him since, so going into the family business is something that makes him nervous. And this upsets Charlie because he doesn’t like Andrei.

90 Day Fiance: Charlie Potthast

90 Day Fiance: Will Charlie Potthast Be Able to Handle the Pressure

Charlie Potthast from 90 Day Fiance is throwing shade in Andrei Castravet’s direction. His sister Elizabeth Castravet is not willing to sit there and take it. All the siblings and Chuck Potthast make him go outside and apologize and hug his sister. But he simply can’t stop saying terrible things. He wants his sister to know that he hates her husband.

Fans don’t think that them working together will be good. This may lead to fighting, both physical and verbal. The only reason they did not fight at the wedding is that Elizabeth asked them not to. The entire family has no clue how this will end.

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