’90 Day Fiance’: Charlie vs Andrei – Libby’s Brother Drug Arrest, DUI, & Other Shocking Charges

90 Day Fiance‘s Charlie Potthast went on a wedding rant that has Andrei Castravet ready to pound him – but is Elizabeth Potthast’s brother being a hypocrite? We’ve dug up some fascinating tidbits on Charlie’s background that exposes why his “investigation” into Andrei this season on Happily Ever After was not a bright idea at all.

90 Day Fiance: Charlie Potthast – Hypocrite Investigating Andrei Castravet?

This season on Happily Ever After, we watched the low-rent Moldovan Mod Squad storyline. Elizabeth Potthast’s family investigated Andrei Castravet. Leading the charge was Charlie Potthast, pushing to find out why Andrei left his homeland of Moldova.

Of course, 90 Day Fiance dad Chuck Potthast had questions, as did Jen Potthast, Libby’s sister. In the end, what they found out (shocker!) was that Eastern European police squads have corruption. And Andrei left to avoid the dirty business of it all. But, Charlie can’t let it go, can he?

Well, it seems 90 Day Fiance brother Charlie Potthast knows a thing or two about the police – because he’s been in handcuffs a few times. It begs the question of why Charlie’s stirring the pot on Happily Ever After given his criminal record.

Happily Ever After’s Andrei Must Know About Brother-in-Law’s Criminal Record…

You can bet Libby told Andrei about Charlie Potthast’s several brushes with the law. That’s only fair given all the times that Charlie grilled Andrei. And if Andrei does know, he’s been classy enough to remain silent on Charlie’s messy past.

And that’s despite Charlie and the rest of the Potthasts eagerly trying to rattle skeletons from Andrei’s closet. In the end, Libby’s family found nothing on Andrei on 90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After. But, you can bet they all knew about this criminal history.

90 Day Fiance: Charlie Potthast - Arrest - Happily Ever After


Charlie Potthast’s First Court Issue Dragged on for Years – Before 90 Day Fiance

Elizabeth, no doubt, knows her brother’s first arrest that appears on his public record in Florida is a charge for driving without a license. Why Charlie Potthast didn’t have a driver’s license is a question as he was 22 at the time.  Charlie grew up in an affluent family in an area where most people get their license in their teen years.  Public records show that his first adult brush with the law was at 22. Could Charlie have had his license taken away as a minor where the records are not public?

Also, what’s surprising is what should have been a relatively minor charge dragged on for nearly five years for the 90 Day Fiance sidekick. The case file runs many pages long, but you can see above some of the issues. Charlie failed to appear in court, and Florida issued an arrest warrant.

Then, Charlie Potthast failed to pay his fines. It took from 2003-2008 – nearly five years – for Charlie to straighten out this relatively minor traffic offense. Plus, the 90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After co-star was popped again in 2005. And it was for a much more severe charge.

90 Day Fiance: Charlie Potthast - DUI Arrest - Happily Ever After


90 Day Fiance Celeb’s Brother Charlie Potthast Arrested for DUI

While he was still sorting his suspended license situation, Tampa police then arrested Charlie Potthast for DUI. What’s interesting about his record for this case (see above) is that he filed a request for “indigent status.” If you don’t know that that means, indigent means “extremely poor.”

In terms of the 90 Day Fiance sibling’s court case, requesting a status of indigent can allow access to a court-appointed attorney or lower court fees. So, that begs the question – was dad Chuck Potthast not helping son Charlie Potthast out of his legal scrapes at that point?

In the end, Charlie had to pay for and attend DWI school and pay reduced fines of close to $1,000. That represents a second strike on his criminal record. Yet, Elizabeth’s big brother keeps hassling Andrei on 90 Day Fiance over suspicion he did something wrong with no proof.

Charlie Potthast - Drug Arrest - Happily Ever After


Elizabeth’s Brother Also Has a Felony Arrest on a Serious Charge – Check it Out

A year and a half after his DUI arrest (later pled down to reckless driving), police arrested Charlie Potthast for a much more serious incident. In late 2006, police popped Charlie from 90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After. The charges were felony cocaine and drug paraphernalia possession (see above).

Initially, he pleaded not guilty to both charges. Then, a few months later, Charlie Potthast withdrew his not guilty pleas, according to the official record. The 90 Day Fiance sibling then scored a plea deal. You can see above the cocaine charge is noted, “Nolle prossed.”

That means the state agreed to drop the charge. However, Charlie took a guilty on the paraphernalia possession charge under a plea deal. The 90 Day Fiance star’s deal included the court subjecting Charlie Potthast to random drug screens, drug evaluation, and treatment, if needed, plus one year of probation.

90 Day Fiance: Elizabeth's Brother - Andrei Castravet - Happily Ever After

90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After – One Last Charge for Charlie

The felony case finally wrapped for Charlie Potthast in mid-2008. That might explain why, on 90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After, we saw Chuck and Libby both concerned about how much her brother drank at the wedding. Remember, all his nasty comments and slurred speech?

Yet for the entirety of the 90 Day Fiance Moldovan trip, Charlie was obsessed, along with his dad and sister, with digging up dirt on Andrei. In the end, they found nothing but Andrei escaping a corrupt system before it ruined his life. Meanwhile, Charlie Potthast has quite the criminal record.

Since his DUI and felony drug-related arrest, Charlie Potthast’s arrest record’s been clean. However, a year later, there was one more note in his file. Police cited him for throwing litter from his vehicle in 2009. That’s not criminal – just tacky…

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