’90 Day Fiance’: Big Ed Brown Tattoos His Own Face onto Himself – See Pic

90 Day Fiance star Ed Brown keeps trying to make Big Ed a brand. He has a line of merchandise and his signature logo is his own face. Ed Brown’s line includes stickers, shirts, mugs hats, and even a face mask. Big Ed currently shows off his line on 90 Day spin-offs like Pillow Talk and B90 Strikes Back. In his latest push, he takes things in a more permanent and personal direction.

Big Ed Brown Literally Brands Himself with Tattoo of His Face

Big Ed Brown has kept his 90 Day Fiance fame going with the help of appearances on spin-offs and a strong social media presence. While he certainly has a fan base, he also has his share of haters. Ed Brown’s latest picture shows he has some fresh ink from San Diego’s Broken Heart Tattoo studio. An artist named Sky did a great job of inking Ed Brown’s own face (his brand logo) on his calf.

Reaction from 90 Day Fiance fans has been swift. With most calling Ed out for being a narcissist. And suggesting his fifteen minutes of fame are over. It is a little odd to get a portrait of yourself as a tattoo fans agreed. With most ink portraits being of loved ones or even pets. Ed Brown certainly seems to think highly of himself. He captioned the video revealing the tat with some words about being either in or out and committing to what you want. He also shouted out to his artist, Sky, calling him “the man.”

90 Day Fiance: Ed Brown

90 Day Fiance Can Big Ed Stay Relevant?

Reality stars are no strangers to wanting to stay in the limelight when their story ends. In fact, 90 Day Fiance stars seem especially eager to stretch their brush with fame. The franchise makes it easy with endless spinoffs. And many cast members hawk weight loss teas with partnerships on Instagram. Several 90 Day Fiance alum also charge for cameos. And some do paid messages to fans sent by family and friends.

But Ed Brown is the first to try and make himself a freestanding brand. As a matter of fact, he seems confident that people will want to cover their iPhone with his image or drink morning coffee out of a Big Ed mug. He’s so sure in fact that he’s made himself a walking billboard for his brand.

Time will tell if he can keep his name relevant. You can see more of Big Ed Brown on 90 Day Fiance: B90 Strikes Back Mondays at 8 on TLC.

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