’90 Day Fiance’: Big Ed Pummeled as He Runs in Terror

90 Day Fiance star Big Ed Brown shared a funny yet somewhat embarrassing fun fact. The TLC reality star spent the holiday weekend enjoying the great outdoors. However, as he filmed a funny video, he admitted he’s scared of bears which generated tons of criticism for the ex of Rose Marie Vega.

90 Day Fiance: Big Ed Tries To Out Run A Bear

90 Day Fiance celeb Big Ed Brown took to the Washinton mountains and hit the slopes over the Thanksgiving holiday. While there on the snow-covered peaks of Mount Rainier, he says he was trying to outrun — or rather, outwalk — a bear he claims was chasing him. However, there was no bear in sight.

Some fans of 90 Day Fiance may know that outdoor experts advise not running from bears. Instead, they recommend staying still – which seems much scarier. However, Ed Brown isn’t one to take conventional advice. So he tries to walk away.

He says he doesn’t like bears, and they scare him. Most would agree bears are scary. But leave it to 90 Day Fiance‘s Ed to make this common phobia quite a bit funny.

90 Day Fiance: Ed-Brown

Snowballs Flying Everywhere

90 Day Fiance celeb Ed Brown was blindsided when hit by snowballs as he films his video. The cute and clever bit clip went from fun and friendly to not safe for work real quick. Once the snowballs hit him, Ed Brown dropped a few F-bomb. However, he still decided to share the video.

Some of the 90 Day Fiance fan base was not amused by Ed’s colorful language. However, there were quite a few that felt that made the video that much funnier. Big Ed is one of those polarizing TLC stars. There really isn’t any in-between.

People either love him or hate him. So, of course, many people enjoy seeing Ed whopped with a few snowballs. No doubt, Rose Marie might enjoy seeing that too.

90 Day Fiance: Big Ed Brown - Before the 90 Days


90 Day Fiance: Some Fans Think Ed Brown’s 15 Minutes Are Up

Some loyal TLC watchers might be over Ed Brown. There are some that think since his season is over, he should be off their TV. However, the photographer turned reality star seems to be staying in the thick of the 90 Day Fiance action. He accepted TLC offers for spinoffs like B90 Strikes Back too.

Plus, he’s parlayed his reality fame into merchandising success with his Big Ed gear. You can see (scroll up) that Ed Brown wore a TLC promo hat while skiing. Of course, that could attract attention from passers by that might ask about it.

Now, it seems certain that Big Ed will be in another spinoff series. Recently, he was out with a pretty woman with a film crew in tow. So look for Ed Brown return to TLC in the next few months.

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