’90 Day Fiance’: Akinyi Scared of Benjamin’s Son

90 Day Fiance couple Akinyi Obala and Benjamin Taylor have had a rough go of things at times on this season of Before the 90 Days. Much of the drama revolves around Akinyi’s family and whether or not they will accept Benjamin for her. But, Benjamin also has a young son back in America. And, Akinyi recently opened up about the idea of her being a stepmom and it scares her. What did she have to say?

90 Day Fiance: Akinyi Obala Opens Up About Becoming a Stepmom

90 Day Fiance‘s Akinyi Obala doesn’t have any children of her own. If her relationship with Benjamin Taylor progresses, her presence in his son’s life is going to be something they have to address moving forward. Recently, the Kenyan beauty took to Instagram and shared her thoughts on what it would mean to her to assume a bigger role in his life.

Akinyi Obala was honest with 90 Day Fiance fans about how she feels. She said she is “scared” to assume the role of stepmom. Especially given the fact that she doesn’t have any kids of her own. But, she didn’t say she is against the idea. She is scared and wants to build a genuine relationship with Benjamin’s son first before she would ever assume a larger role.

90 Day Fiance: Akinyi Wants to Be Friends First

Akinyi Obala made her thoughts clear on what it takes to build a relationship in her eyes. If the basis of a relationship starts with friendship, she believes that’s a strong foundation to build on. And, even though the 90 Day Fiance star said she knows nothing about being a stepmom or having children, she is open to the possibility of starting off as friends with Benjamin Taylor’s son and going from there.

Family is very important to Akinyi. As well as in the hierarchy of Kenyan culture. 90 Day Fiance fans saw this in the way her family was protective of her when it came to introducing Benjamin. Akinyi said she can’t start “mom duties” without establishing a basic friendship first. She ended her post asking for advice. And, she seems genuinely open to learning everything she can.

Does This Hint at Where Things Are with Benjamin Taylor?

Things got off to a rocky start on 90 Day Fiance: Before the 90 Days when Benjamin Taylor first arrived in Kenya. Her brother told TLC cameras Akinyi Obala could do better – and told her to her face. In addition, her father refused to meet him initially when he visited their home for the first time. This didn’t bode well for their relationship initially because they need the support of her kin in order to continue their journey together. In addition, the pair also need the go-ahead from village elders.

If Akinyi Obala is entertaining the idea of being a stepmom, that may offer hints. Particularly in terms of where the couple are in their relationship. She likely wouldn’t entertain the idea unless things were serious with Benjamin Taylor.

Akinyi Obala went in on her American 90 Day Fiance for not defending her family online recently. She doesn’t like the way TLC cameras make her family or her country look. And, she railed against Benjamin Taylor for staying quiet online and not sticking up for her or her kin. But, if the Kenyan 90 Day Fiance is serious about building a friendship with Benjamin’s son, perhaps they patched things up as a couple and are in a good place now.

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