‘1000-lb Sisters’: Tammy Slaton Dating Transgender Woman?

1000-lb Sisters star Tammy Slaton appears to be dating a transgender woman. This new relationship seems to be budding after Tammy recently came out to her friends and former boyfriend about being pan.

1000-lb Sisters: Tammy Slaton Comes Out About New Love That’s Not Food

On 1000-lb Sisters, Amy Slaton and Tammy Slaton are seen talking to one another in a Halloween costume store. While they’re sitting down and chatting, Amy asks her sister if she’s ready to tell her boyfriend the secret. Tammy says she hasn’t talked to Jerry about her secret yet, because she’s waiting for the right time to tell him.

While Amy from 1000-lb Sisters pushes her sister to reveal the truth, it’s clear that Tammy’s nervous about letting people in. So, Amy Slaton, Michael Halterman, Jerry Sykes, and Tammy Slaton all go out on a lunch date together. Jerry Sykes has made it very clear that he doesn’t enjoy being around Amy because she’s “crazy.” However, that isn’t stopping Amy from being there to support her sister.

So, Tammy Slaton sits down with her boyfriend from 1000-lb Sisters and admits to him that she’s pan. He’s very confused by this news but listens carefully to what she’s explaining to him. Tammy goes on to explain that she would date a person if they’re transgender, gay, or straight. She believes that it’s more about what’s on the inside.

1000-lb Sisters: Tammy Slaton

Tragic Breakup for Sensitive Star

On 1000-lb Sisters, Tammy Slaton admits that she and her boyfriend Jerry Sykes are taking a break. While she doesn’t clarify why they’re spending time apart, it’s clear that she’s very upset about the news. However, she does admit that she’s going to spend time in an assisted living facility. This is because she knows she needs to get help with her weight.

1000-lb Sisters: Tammy Slaton

1000-lb Sisters: Tammy Slaton Dating Transgender Woman?

1000-lb Sisters star Tammy Slaton has opened up about her other relationships, outside of her ex-boyfriend Jerry Sykes. At one point in time, she claimed to be dating a supermodel named “Kane”. However, Hannah Kleit, the supermodel that Tammy is talking about, argues against this. She says she’s never met with Tammy and doesn’t have any type of relationship with her.

However, it looks like Tammy from 1000-lb Sisters is in a new relationship. She announces this relationship in a video she recorded of herself reacting to her girlfriend’s outfit. In the video, her girlfriend claps back at haters. She says people who say that “trans girls aren’t pretty”, that she’s “hot” and the haters are “mad.” Her new girlfriend goes by the name of Terri Reid. Also, in the video, she’s wearing a tight black dress and showing off her body.

Tammy from 1000-lb Sisters records herself reacting to the video and is smiling. Also, she tells her new gal that she’s “looking good.”

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