‘1000-lb Sisters’ Spoilers: Dr. Procter Says Tammy’s Killing Herself

1000-lb Sisters star Dr. Procter says that Tammy Slaton is killing herself. And he’s learning about Tammy’s weight gain from her sister, Amy Slaton.

1000-lb Sisters: Dr. Procter Pleads with Tammy Slaton

1000-lb Sisters celebrity Dr. Charles Procter is the first medical professional to try to help Tammy Slaton with her weight loss journey. At the beginning of her attempt to lose weight, she was 595 pounds.

During her first attempt at losing weight, she managed to drop 50 pounds. But, she couldn’t keep her size down. After she started losing weight, COVID-19 forced everyone into quarantine. So, Tammy says she wasn’t able to find the fresh fruit and vegetables she needed to eat healthily. Also, she says she was bored while being stuck inside. Next, she just started to eat to fix the boredom.

So, this is what Tammy Slaton blames for her weight gain. Then, Dr. Procter encourages Tammy to lose weight.

1000-lb Sisters: Tammy Slaton

TLC Celeb Dropped by Medical Professional

1000-lb Sisters celebrity Tammy Slaton isn’t able to keep up with the weight loss plan that Dr. Procter was encouraging her to stay on. After realizing that Tammy was still gaining weight, Dr. Procter told her that she couldn’t be his patient any longer.

But, that’s only so she could start seeing a different bariatric patient. And the doctor that Dr. Procter recommended her to go see lives a lot closer to where she’s at in Kentucky.

Also, Dr. Procter hopes that Tammy’s able to keep up with her efforts to size down. Plus, he hopes that seeing a doctor that’s closer to where she’s at, it’ll make her journey a lot easier.

1000-lb Sisters: Dr. Procter

1000-lb Sisters: Dr. Proctor Says Tammy Slaton’s Killing Herself

1000-lb Sisters personality Amy Slaton is completing a virtual visit with Dr. Procter. Amy Slaton’s the sister of Tammy. So, during her visit, he asks her how her sister Tammy’s doing.

Then, she tells him that Tammy’s gained 50 pounds. And she tells him that she gained those 50 pounds in a period of one month. Next, she tells Dr. Procter that Tammy weighs 644 pounds.

Dr. Procter is shocked by this news. Next, he rubs his face with concern as he asks Amy what her sister is doing. And Amy says she isn’t sure what she’s doing. Then, she tells him that she’s gotten everything that’s bad for her to eat out of the house. Also, Amy says she isn’t bringing her sister bad food.

On 1000-lb Sisters, Dr. Procter tries to explain to Amy that her sister is getting “bad food from somewhere.” Also, he says she’s killing herself. Next, he says there’s someone helping her kill herself.

Then, Amy nods her head as Dr. Procter reveals this information to her. But, Amy definitely looks concerned as Dr. Procter’s speaking.

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