‘1000-lb Sisters’: Gage Halterman and His Two Easter Looks

1000-lb Sisters star Gage Halterman is at it again, strutting his stuff for the holidays. Everyone remembers his St. Patrick’s day look, but now he has two Easter looks.

1000-lb Sisters: Gage Halterman and Halloween

1000-lb Sisters personality Gage Halterman is definitely going to be a Halloween baby. And this isn’t because he was born in November. This is because his mom Amy Slaton is the queen of Halloween. She even has a Jack Skellington tattoo on her arm. This momma is all about everything spooky.

She even showcases her sensitive side by ghost hunting for a ghost cat that lives in her home with her. And she got in touch with the spirit world to ask questions about how her birth with Gage would go. She asked a psychic and got her answers. So fans can definitely expect full-on Halloween outfits. And even dark clothing and skull pacifiers during the rest of the year.

1000-lb Sister: Gage Slaton

TLC Baby Gets Green

1000-lb Sisters features Gage Halterman and all his family. And if fans thought his Halloween looks were cute, his St. Patrick’s day looks will melt their heart. Gage sported a green onesie that stated he was a wee little hooligan. He also has on little clover studded pants to complete the look. But Gage had a surprise up his sleeve to help with the look.

His first St. Patrick’s day was also when he tried solid foods for the first time. He got a mix of rice and formula for one of his meals that day, practicing with a spoon. Taking a huge step towards becoming a big boy that day. His mom Amy Slaton couldn’t be more proud of her son for being so grown and doing something so challenging. Next, he’ll be talking before our very eyes.

1000-lb Sister: Gage Slaton

1000-lb Sisters: Gage Halterman is as Cute as a Bunny

Gage Halterman from 1000-lb Sisters is wearing his Easter fit with pride. With a bunny patterned hat and pants and a blue and white bunny shirt, he was on his way to the Easter bunny that is. Gage seemed unfazed by the giant bunny waving him hello. But then again, Gage is a very grown-up 4-month-old. He may have just been ready to try smashed carrots.

Gage also showed off to the world in another Easter outfit that may have been cuter than the last. This time he wore white bunny overalls and a smile. Fans’ hearts melt, but there is one thing off about these pics. Fans beg Amy Slaton to stop cropping the top of his head out of photos. Either way, the photos get an overwhelming approval of Gage and how fast he is growing.

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