‘1000-lb Sisters’: Chris Slaton’s ‘Good Looks’ Have Fans Crushing on Him?

1000-lb Sisters heartthrob Chris Slaton is quickly becoming a favorite among viewers. Many like his charming smile and some say they like his “good looks”.

Whatever the case, TLC fans are crushing on this celebrity and are opening up about the most heart-warming scenes with Chris.

1000-lb Sisters: Chris Slaton Embarks on Weight Loss Journey

1000-lb Sisters star Chris Slaton is working on dropping a lot of pounds in hopes of improving his health. He’s discussing how he’s just recently gotten married. But, he’s having a hard time taking care of himself because of his weight.

Then, Chris reveals that he struggles with putting socks on by himself. So, there are some days where his wife has to put his socks on for him. And he reveals that that’s embarrassing for him.

So, Chris Slaton is deciding to help his sister, Tammy Slaton, to try losing a few pounds. And he reveals that his highest size is 420 pounds, which is what he started at before he worked on losing. But, he’s started eating more fish in his diet. So, he’s been able to drop his size down.

1000-lb Sisters: Chris Slaton

Fans Crush on TLC Star

1000-lb Sisters supporters are often talking about how attractive Dr. Procter is. Dr. Procter is the surgeon that’s featuring himself in the TLC hit show. But, now many people are talking about how “handsome” Chris is.

One devotee says Chris is a “sweetheart”. And she’s certain that his wife also feels this way. Another fan speaks about how much they “adore” Chris, because of the concern that he’s showing his sisters. Also, they love how Chris is worrying about the size of his daughter.

But, that’s not all of the positive things that enthusiasts have to say about this 1000-lb Sisters star. They’re also saying that there’s a lot he does to show his love and support for his family. And that’s what makes him “fundamentally attractive.”

1000-lb Sisters: Chris Slaton

1000-lb Sisters: Chris Slaton Praised for His Personality

1000-lb Sisters celebrity Chris is being gushed on by people who watch the show. Yet another enthusiast speaks about how attractive his voice is, but that his personality is what makes him a real winner.

Also, viewers are expressing how lucky Chris’ wife is. But, not everyone is obsessing about Chris. While some supporters are arguing about how he’s “kinda cute”, there are other people who aren’t being as kind. Someone says they wouldn’t say “he’s hot.” Other individuals respond by saying that they enjoy looking at his “dad bod.”

Then, other people are talking about how Chris has a beautiful family. The supporters talk about how excited they are watching Chris Slaton work to lose weight. Also, the 1000-lb Sisters devotees are hoping he is putting in the effort will motivate Tammy Slaton to drop the pounds she needs.

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