‘1000-lb Sisters’: Chris Slaton Joins in – Should TLC Change Name to 1400-lb Family?

1000-lb Sisters brother Chris Slaton is joining Tammy Slaton and Amy Slaton on their weight loss journey. Chris is there to help Tammy while Amy is going through her pregnancy. So with him getting in on the act, do they need to adapt the TLC show name to include the other Slaton sibling?

1000-lb Sisters: Chris Slaton Joins Siblings on Their Show

This season of the family weight loss show features a lot more of the Slaton sister’s brother, Chris Slaton. He has been very supportive of the girls losing weight and Chris decided that he would like to try it as well. So then, at a doctor’s appointment on 1000-lb Sisters, he talks about getting gastric surgery himself.

Chris Slaton decides to help his sister Tammy by eating healthy foods with her. Then, he is seen eating lunches with her. Chris is managing to lose some weight on his own on 1000-lb Sisters. He surprised himself with a shocking 20 pound loss his first time trying to shed some pounds.

1000-lb Sisters Chris Slaton Tammy Slaton Amy Slaton

To Eat or Not to Eat? That is The Question

Tammy Slaton on TLC’s 1000-lb Sisters is the currently the heaviest of all the siblings. Thus, she’s the biggest out of the three going through this journey. While the other two have struggled to lose weight but succeeded, Tammy has not. And, with Amy losing enough actually to get the surgery, this may have been a trigger for Tammy.

They had made a pact to do everything together. Not only has Amy lost weight, but she is now pregnant. The pregnancy threw the Slaton’s through a loop. Tammy falling off her diet and eating whatever she wants causes her to gain all her weight back plus more. On a recent show, Chris Slaton is especially concerned about his sister’s health.

With Amy not being able to make her food anymore or stay on top of her, Tammy risks getting so big she can not walk anymore. This saddens 1000-lb Sisters viewers because they remember when she was on track and lost her walker. Now, it seems Chris steps up to fill that void and help.

1000-lb Sisters Chris Slaton Tammy Slaton

1000-Sisters: Chris Slaton Thinks His Sister’s Life is in Danger

Tammy Slaton is working alongside her brother Chris Slaton to hit her weight goals. Chris is starting to see how hard of a challenge this is when he learns that while he was dropping 20 pounds, she gained around 50. Chris claps back at his sister on TLC’s 1000-lb Sisters and lets her know that with the path she is on, she is killing herself. The worry he is showing lets fans know how serious this is.

In the latest episode, she shows off her man, Jerry Sykes. Also, when, Jerry shows up to see her, he reveals he has a big bag of sugary candy. Amy points out they are on a diet and cannot eat things like that. Jerry doesn’t see the big deal. But Chris confronts Tammy and tells her someone told him he saw a large milkshake cup at her home.

She says yes and admits that Jerry bought it for her. Then, this leaves Chris Slaton very concerned about his sister’s health. Maybe they’ll change the name of the show to 1400-lb Family or 1400 Pound Sisters and Brother? One thing is certain – fans enjoy the addition of Chris to the show, so hopefully, he sticks around.

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