‘Young and the Restless’ Spoilers: Victor Newman Fakes Death – Sets Adam Up For Shocking Fall

Young and the Restless spoilers seem to show Victor Newman‘s (Eric Braeden) dead. But this is about Adam Newman (Mark Grossman), you can bet. There’s no way the CBS soap killed off The Mustache like that with no fanfare. However, to really trap his youngest son, everyone has to truly believe that Victor’s dead. And let’s face it – it wouldn’t be the first time the Newman patriarch played possum. Take a look at what’s coming next and how this could play out for Adam Newman on Y&R.

Victor Newman Dead on Young and the Restless – Spoilers Misleading

This all started on Friday’s cliffhanger Y&R. Spoilers showed the entire family gathered – even Adam Newman – as Victor Newman collapsed. Dr Nate Hastings (Sean Dominic) began giving instructions and Abby Newman (Melissa Ordway) called an ambulance. But it was Nate that said Victor had no pulse. No one else checked his health. So, all of this was carefully orchestred — and no doubt, planned by Nate and Victor Newman.

Look for scenes to reveal that Victor and Nate quickly figured out that Adam Newman tampered with The Mustache’s meds. Then, it was just a matter of setting the scene. And if you recall, Victor Newman had some moving “final words” for the Newman clan. He told them all to pull together. So, on Monday’s Young and the Restless episode, we’ll find out that Nate tells the family that he did everything he could “to help Victor”. Which is true since he conspired with him…

Y&R Spoilers: Victor Teaches Adam Newman a Painful Lesson

Don’t panic. If you’re asking did Victor Newman die on Young and the Restless, spoilers assure the answer is no. Is Eric Braeden leaving Y&R? Again, no. This is all a ruse from the crafty old man. At a glance, it sure seems like The Mustache is punishing Adam. In a way, he is. He wants to show Adam Newman that he went too far. But, it’s also likely that his dad’s just trying to scare his prodigal son straight.

Because longtime Y&R viewers know that Adam’s near and dear to his crusty old heart. That’s his namesake son – and the one he wants in the CEO chair at Newman Enterprises. But Adam keeps slapping away everything Victor offers. Admittedly, Adam’s gotten a raw deal from the rest of the family since coming back to Genoa City. But that’s because his siblings are all jealous of him. So, this is Victor’s Hail Mary pass to get Adam Newman back under control, predict Young and the Restless spoilers.

Young and the Restless: Family Will Be Enraged – Did Victor Make Things Worse or Better?

Y&R spoilers promise the entire family’s devastated. No one was in on this plan except Victor Newman and his doctor. Otherwise, they couldn’t pull it off. So, on Monday, you’ll see that the whole family thinks the patriarch is dead. And Adam Newman’s terrified witless that he killed his father. In fact, Nick Newman (Joshua Morrow) gets in his brother’s face with suspicions and promises an autopsy. Of course, no dead body means no autopsy.

No doubt, Victor will let the family stew for a little while to see if they’ll pull together, say Young and the Restless spoilers. Because, this lesson might be intended for more than just Adam Newman. It may be for all his kids. Because he told them to come together right before he staged his collapse. NIck and Victoria Newman (Amelia Heinle) teamed up against their younger brother from the start. So, Victor may be trying to put an end to all the rivalries.

And nothing pulls people together more than a common enemy. All Victor Newman’s kids may be so mad at him for faking his death that they unite in their anger and frustration. This plan’s extreme but The Mustache thinks Adam needs a huge reality check. Since Adam went to extremes by tampering with his meds, Victor took the ball and ran with it. And of course, his old man was three moves ahead of Adam Newman the whole time… Watch the CBS soap to see this big reveal play out on Y&R.

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