‘Young and the Restless’ Spoilers: Theo Makes Time for Lola – Kyle Sticks With Summer

Young and the Restless spoilers show Theo Vanderway (Tyler Johnson) bonds more with Lola Rosales (Sasha Calle). Meanwhile, where’s her husband Kyle Abbott (Michael Mealor)? He’s with his ex-wife Summer Newman (Hunter King). See what comes on Y&R soon on CBS daytime.

Young and the Restless Spoilers: Theo Vanderway Keeps Secrets With Lola Rosales

Y&R spoilers next week say Theo Vanderway spends time working at a table at Society. He’s dedicated to his job at Jabot. But, Theo’s not chained to his desk. Instead, he’s once again underfoot near Lola Rosales, say Young and the Restless spoilers.

Even though he’s not romancing her, Theo Vanderway likes hanging out with Lola. So, he makes time to do it. Yet, it’s something Lola Rosales’ husband is not doing. And that’s even though Summer told Kyle to go spend time with Lola, according to Young and the Restless spoilers.

Watch Monday on Y&R as Lola Rosales spends time with Theo while Kyle chooses someone else. Then, Kyle tells Summer that his right spot is at the office with her. That’s a big change for the newlyweds, per Young and the Restless spoilers.

Y&R Spoilers: Power Goes to Kyle Abbott’s Head?

Young and the Restless spoilers recall that Kyle Abbott changed for Lola Rosales. He chilled out on long office hours and devoted time to her and their marriage. But now, he’s chasing power as Jabot’s new co-CEO. And he’s neglecting his wife.

And Y&R spoilers show Lola spends more and more time with Theo Vanderway. Of course, it’s all friendly right now – with no romantic component. But that could change in a heartbeat. However, Lola’s not the cheating type, remind Young and the Restless spoilers.

But, Kyle is. And he’s spending way too many after-hours at Jabot with Summer. Clearly, his ex-wife’s still smitten with him. And she’s now single. So, it looks like they may be in each other’s arms again, tease Young and the Restless spoilers.

Young and the Restless: Theo Comforts Lola – Will Kyle Betray Her?

Remember, Y&R spoilers know Kyle’s ranted endlessly to Lola about Theo. Ever since his ex-BFF came to town, he’s been on his case. And he keeps ordering Lola Rosales to avoid Theo Vanderway. But now, Theo’s his cousin and unavoidable.

And as days go on, Lola and Theo Vanderway build a deeper friendship. They’re bonding more daily, while Kyle puts distance between himself and his wife on Young and the Restless. Spoilers hint things come to a head soon if Kyle keeps going down this path.

Because, Y&R spoilers indicate he lets power go to his head and the job overtake his life. Plus, it puts him in constant close proximity to his ex-wife. So, for Kyle and chef Lola Rosales, it’s a recipe for marital disaster – while Theo Vanderway’s right there waiting on the CBS soap.

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