‘Young and the Restless’ Spoilers: Summer Tells Phyllis About Messed Up Marriage

Young and the Restless spoilers explain Summer Newman (Hunter King) comes clean to her mom Phyllis Abbott (Gina Tognoni) about her marriage. Summer explains about the liver donation to Lola Rosales (Sasha Calle) and Kyle Abbott (Michael Mealor) wedding her in the bargain. While she hopes her mom understands, Phyllis warns her that this might not work out as she wants on the CBS sudser.

Young and the Restless Spoilers: Summer Newman Confesses All to Phyllis Abbott

Summer Newman knows she needs to confess to her parents. Y&R spoilers say she finally does. After talking to Kyle Abbott, she decides to fess up to her parents. She tells her father Nick Newman (Joshua Morrow) and Phyllis Abbott the deal she made.

Summer tells Phyllis how she risked surgery to save Lola’s life and win her a husband.  She explains to her parents how she hid the operation and donation from her family. Of course, they were heavily distracted by the JT not being dead debacle.

As viewers know, Kyle Abbott only married Summer Newman to get her liver donation. It was a deal that the two made. Young and the Restless spoilers say Phyllis hears this and is concerned her daughter’s heart will be broken soon.

Y&R Spoilers: Phyllis Warns Summer

Obviously, when Phyllis Abbott learns how Summer Newman finagled Kyle to marry her, she worries on Young and the Restless. Phyllis tells her how this could blow up in her face. She brings to light all of Summer’s fears.

Phyllis cautions Summer, say new Y&R spoilers. Now that she had the surgery, her mom warns her Kyle could leave her. Even if Kyle sticks around, he could always go behind her back with Lola.

Phyllis scares her daughter with a harsh reality check, according to this new Young and the Restless spoiler. Red just wants the best for her daughter and knows she must warn her of potential consequences. However, Summer wants Kyle above all and may not listen.

Young and the Restless: Trouble Ahead for Summer and Kyle

Needless to say, there’s not a smooth path ahead for Summer Newman and husband Kyle Abbott on Y&R. The two have a stormy past but there is definitely chemistry there. The problem is, she pushed him away while chasing her mom’s BF.

That’s when Kyle found and fell for Lola on Young and the Restless. Just because he agreed to marry her, it doesn’t erase his feelings for Lola. He is going to struggle with his emotions as he tries to be a good husband while still loving another woman.

As Phyllis Abbott warns her kid, she could always take this advice to heart, but that’s a long shot. She loves Kyle and wants him all to herself. After this harsh talk with Phyllis Abbott, you can bet Summer Newman will keep a close eye on Kyle Abbott.

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