‘Young and the Restless’ Spoilers: Stafford Shocker – Former Phyllis Back Soon – Snatched After Party?

Young and the Restless spoilers for next week hint a Michelle Stafford shocker. Phyllis Abbott with her new face shows up soon after Phyllis crashed the commitment ceremony on the arm of Adam Newman (Mark Grossman).

While info has been scant on when Gina Tognoni exits and Michelle Stafford makes her grand entrance, now it looks like it’s sooner rather than later.  New Y&R spoilers tease the big switch could be as soon as this month. Here’s what we know about the exit and entrance of the two actresses that played Phyllis Abbott on the CBS soap.

Young and the Restless Spoilers: Adam and Phyllis Abbott Crash Non-Wedding? It’s Her Thing

If you recall the last time they swapped Phyllis faces on Y&R, it was at a wedding. That time, it was the wedding of Nick Newman (Joshua Morrow) and Sharon Newman (Sharon Case). Back then, Michelle Stafford fell into a coma and Gina Tognoni woke and wandered into the wedding, which was a big shocker. So, it would be perfect symmetry to do it again at a “wedding”. However, it seems the swap isn’t that soon.

Next week, Billy Abbott (Jason Thompson) and Victoria Newman (Amelia Heinle) celebrate their non-marriage at a commitment ceremony. Last time when Phyllis was swapped, it was at her ex’s wedding. Once again, one of Phyllis’ exes commits to a woman that’s not her. A spoiler for next week reads that an unexpected person stuns those at the party. Could it be Michelle Stafford’s big debut? Nope. It’s not. However, Phyllis will show up uninvited along with Adam and make a scene.

Y&R Spoilers: New Adam Newman Crashes With Phyllis Abbott

Although Young and the Restless viewers have (mostly) adjusted to Mark Grossman, he’s still pretty new as Adam Newman. So it’ll be interesting as next week, he and Phyllis Abbott becomes scheme partners. You can see in the promo below that Adam tells Phyllis he’s going to set the town on fire. He says he’s the gasoline and asks if she wants to be his match. But that’s not the Phyllis that’s sticking around.

It’s confirmed from Y&R spoilers that Gina Tognoni wrapped her run as Phyllis earlier this month, so her final scenes are rapidly approaching. So, looking into June spoilers for Phyllis Abbott, those should belong to Michelle Stafford who wrapped her run on General Hospital in early May as well. That means they can easily substitute one Phyllis for another without breaking stride. But it’s Tognoni’s Phyllis that he brings to the party.

Adam Newman and Phyllis Abbott Both Uninvited Guests to Billy-Victoria Party

Much like Maleficent crashing the Sleeping Beauty baby shower – that’s how we might see Adam and Phyllis arrive at the commitment celebration on Young and the Restless. Despite Adam Newman being her half-brother, it’s not likely Victoria invites him to her big day with Billy Abbott. There are too many hard feelings there. But that doesn’t mean he won’t show and bring another uninvited guest to cast a shadow on their happy day.

The last thing Billy wants to see is Phyllis Abbott’s face when he’s recommitting to Victoria. So, of course, she’d be happy to show up and make his skin crawl. The spoiler video below shows that Phyllis Abbott and Adam Newman are unlikely scheme partners ready to stir trouble in Genoa City. As both have conflicts with Billy and Victoria, crashing their big day makes perfect sense.

Michelle Stafford and Gina Tognoni Young and the Restless Swap – Wait and See

Young and the Restless spoilers promise the swap of Phyllis Abbott’s face is soon. Writer Josh Griffith set off a firestorm with a recent interview saying they are bringing back “iconic faces” that people know. And he said Michelle is “iconic” as Phyllis which annoyed Gina Tognoni fans. But no matter if you’re Team Michelle or Team Gina, the swap happens soon.

In fact, these Y&R spoilers hint it could be this month when we see a new face on Phyllis. However, we’re still awaiting official confirmation on Michelle Stafford’s first air date. But it would be a pivotal twist to bring Stafford back as Phyllis very soon. It looks like she’s snatched after the party and then the face swap happens but wait and see what happens next week on Y&R on CBS.

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