‘Young and the Restless’ Spoilers: Nikki Confides In Paul – Needs to Find Victor

Young and the Restless spoilers indicate Nikki Newman (Melody Thomas Scott) confides in Paul Williams (Doug Davidson) while her husband Victor Newman (Eric Braeden) is away. Nikki doesn’t know why Victor has been MIA recently, especially considering she only recently came home from prison. Now, it appears that Nikki needs someone to talk to, and Paul fills that role on Y&R on CBS.

Young and the Restless Spoilers: Nikki Newman Confesses To Paul Williams

Ever since Nikki Newman got out of prison, she hasn’t had much time to spend with her husband on Y&R. Spoilers say this isn’t for her lack of trying. While she’s finally free, she’s found it difficult to get Victor Newman to stay in town long enough to actually spend time with him.

Evidently, enough is enough for her, and she might seek help to uncover what her husband is up to. New Young and the Restless spoilers divulge that Nikki ends up confiding in Paul Williams. The two have a long, long history together so this doesn’t come as a shock.

She may even ask Paul for some help, as she can’t understand what Victor is doing. Paul has helped her many times before in the past, and now that he’s back, he can help her look for Victor this time. Of course, even if he doesn’t, she’ll have him to lean on for support while she does her own search.

Y&R Spoilers: Victoria Newman and Nikki Search For Victor

Before Nikki Newman ends up divulging information to Paul, she first does a bit of searching with Victoria Newman (Amelia Heinle) on Young and the Restless. Spoilers had Victoria tell her mother that someone spotted her missing dad Victor in Las Vegas gambling. And Nikki’s furious.

Victor told her that he was off on business. In a search for the truth, the two ladies end up going through Victor’s office. During this exploration, they learn that Victor went to a psychiatrist outside of Las Vegas. They both agree that Victor isn’t the type to go to a psychiatrist, but there’s a bill from this doctor.

Obviously, there’s a lot of questions here. As Nikki encounters Paul Williams the next day, she could bring up what she and Victoria found in their search. If anyone could make sense of it, it could be Paul. The Newman matriarch needs assistance from her old pal and baby daddy.

Young and the Restless: Will Paul Help Nikki Find Victor?

Y&R spoilers hint Nikki Newman could simply open up to Paul Williams about her latest predicament with her husband. She could also try to get him to help her find Victor. Paul has resources that she doesn’t, so he could always do a little search for the Newman patriarch.

Regardless, it appears Victor’s disappearance is the latest mystery on Young and the Restless. Nikki is furious with his lies and the fact that he’s not home already. Her confession to Paul this time around could continue to be a constant thing down the road.

Obviously, Victor isn’t going to love the idea of Nikki relying on Paul in any capacity. However, in his absence, she needs someone to talk to about her husband’s vanishing acts. As Nikki Newman divulges to Paul Williams, the duo may discover who Victor is meeting in Las Vegas on the CBS sudser.

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