‘Young and the Restless’ Spoilers: Hilary Haunts Devon – Mental Illness Struggle Ahead?

Young and the Restless spoilers promise Devon Hamilton (Bryton James) continues to be tormented with visions of what he lost. Hilary Curtis (Mishael Morgan) spectral visits to see her husband keep up. Losing both Hilary and their unborn child wrecked Devon. Then, Neil Winters’ (Kristoff St John) death rocked Devon and the Hamilton-Winter family. So, he’s had months of grief with no relief. It’s no wonder the guy is haunted, but can new love put him back together or will he continue in torment on Y&R on CBS?

Young and the Restless Spoilers: Devon Hamilton Haunted or Something Else Happening?

Y&R spoilers promise Devon finally seems ready to move on and met Elena Dawson (Brytni Sarpy). She is the first woman to stir his heart since Hilary’s death. Yet now it seems he is being haunted by his dead wife’s ghost. Recently, Devon found himself sharing a late-night snack with Elena. They talked about losing their parents and how their deaths affected their lives. Devon feels drawn to Elena as they have lots in common. So, he put on one of Neil’s jazz records. They danced and shared a low key kiss and cuddle.

They danced and relaxed in each other’s company. But then on Friday’s episode, Devon Hamilton glanced over and saw Hilary Curtis watching them from the stairs. That distraction broke the vibe between Devon and Elena so she cut things off confused and headed upstairs after saying good night. But Young and the Restless spoilers hint this one spectral sighting is not the end of Hilary’s screen time. Is this grief, though, or something else that’s troubling Devon Hamilton aside from grief?

Y&R Spoilers: Downward Spiral Ahead for Devon?

Young and the Restless spoilers say Devon ponders what’s happening. He saw Hilary Curtis in dreams before but he was not asleep this time. That’s troubling because people shouldn’t see people that are not really there. Hilary has been haunting Devon for weeks. He has seen her spirit moving in and out and wondered what she is trying to tell him. Was she sending him a message? If so, what was it? Was she happy that he was finally getting himself together and moving on?

This could be a case on Y&R where they are bringing back Hilary to let her say goodbye. He has lost both her and Neil and this may be her way of letting him know that it is okay to let them go and be at peace. But that seems strange since they already said their goodbyes at the hospital before she passed away. Since Hilary Curtis died over a period of a few days, she had a chance to get some sort of closure with Devon. So since they already said goodbye, is something else at work? Devon Hamilton might be spiraling out in a story tied to Kristoff on Young and the Restless.

CBS Soap Doing Mental Health Story for Devon as Tribute?

After Kristoff St John’s abrupt death, Young and the Restless had to write an equally abrupt ending for his character. So, they made it a sudden and unexpected death with a medical event that came on him out of the blue. However, since the actor struggled with mental health concerns, it could be that they are writing a larger story for Devon Hamilton that touches on these themes. Remember, Devon’s mother, Yolanda Hamilton had substance abuse problems. Plus grandma Katherine Chancellor (Jeanne Cooper) has substance abuse and some other issues.

It could be that Y&R‘s writers are about to launch a storyline for Devon that sees him struggling with depression or other similar concerns. After all, while soaps like to use ghosts now and then, it’s not something someone who’s mentally sound will see. So, perhaps this is a symptom of an issue and the start of a new angle on the CBS soap. After all, fans are still upset about Mishael’s exit. So, Devon Hamilton hallucinating her as part of an ongoing story at least brings her back to the show for a while. Wait and see what happens next and whether Hilary Curtis sticks around for this arc.

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