‘Young and the Restless’ Spoilers: Devon Gets Nosy About Elena’s Mother Dying

Young and the Restless spoilers finally reveal the cause of Elena Dawson’s (Brytni Sarpy) mother’s death. Previously, Elena was reluctant to tell Devon Hamilton (Bryton James). So, Devon became curious but he held back from asking for details. But, spoilers indicate he’ll ask someone else this week on the CBS soap.

Young and the Restless Spoilers: Elena Dawson – Mother’s Death Details

Y&R spoilers remind that Elena Dawson and Devon have grown quite close. So much so, they’ve started dating. However, Elena obviously still doesn’t feel close enough to reveal details of her past. She still wants to keep certain things private. The duo share a common misfortune. They’ve both lost parents. Devon Hamilton’s dad Neil Winters (Kristoff St John) recently died of a stroke.

Elena’s mother passed away as well. But, in a previous episode, she didn’t want to open up. Young and the Restless spoilers show she fell and suffered a head injury. Sadly, she was alone when it happened so Elena Dawson feels guilty. She was a resident at a hospital when it occurred. That’s what derailed her medical career.

Y&R Spoilers: Elena Dawson Upset with Devon Hamilton 

Devon Hamilton and Elena have grown fond of each other. In addition, Devon has also become closer to Jett. Young and the Restless spoilers reveal Devon feels comfortable asking Jett private questions. However, Elena Dawson gets upset. She thinks he was snooping and pushes back.

Y&R spoilers show Jett blabs to her that Devon was asking about her mother. So, Elena confronts Devon Hamilton. He doesn’t want to throw their new romance off track so he pledges to never pry into her life again like that. After all, he just lost his father. He understands her pain and guilt.

Young and the Restless Spoilers: Devon and Elena Grow Closer

Y&R spoilers promise Devon and Elena Dawson will keep moving forward. But, how far will the relationship go? Devon is still hurt from losing his wife Hilary Curtis (Mishael Morgan). He still imagines her presence. Occasionally, he “sees” her while he’s with Elena and it happened again recently.

In a recent episode, he envisioned Hilary laughing. But it was Elena with him. Looks like he’s still mourning, though. Young and the Restless spoilers reveal Mishael will cameo in upcoming episodes. So, Devon may be daydreaming of his wife in the future. So, it seems his connection with Elena is all tangled up with thoughts of Hilary.

Y&R Spoilers: Devon’s Hilary Hallucinations

Devon Hamilton’s recent family tragedies are taking a toll on Young and the Restless. Spoilers shows the one-two punch of losing Hilary and then his dad is rough. But his memories of his wife are haunting him the most. Devon Hamilton can’t stop thinking about her. But, understandably so as she was carrying his unborn child. So, it will be very hard to let her go.

Y&R spoilers indicate he dreams of Hilary again soon. He’ll even wake up from a dream, and confuse Elena Dawson with Hilary and kiss her. As much as he tries to move on, his mind will constantly remind him of his wife. Additionally, spoilers say he’ll send mixed signals because he’s haunted by Hilary. Watch CBS daytime to see if Devon Hamilton can move on.

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