‘Young and the Restless’ Spoilers: Chloe Shot Adam – Revenge Kidnapping Confirmed

Young and the Restless spoilers confirm that Chloe Mitchell (Elizabeth Hendrickson) shot Adam Newman (Mark Grossman). It turns out he lied to Kevin Fisher (Greg Rikaart) about the private investigator finding their home abandoned. In fact, it looks like Adam’s PI confirmed that Chloe was in Genoa City and the one who shot him. It wasn’t that Adam was covering up for the shooter. It was that he wanted to punish her himself and didn’t need the GCPD in the way. Adam’s been playing coy with Kevin, but the truth comes out next week on the CBS soap.

Young and the Restless: Chloe Mitchell Tried to Kill Adam Newman – Distraught He Survived Exploding Cabin

For vengeful Chloe Mitchell, it was a bitter pill to discover the failure to kill Adam in the big cabin boom. Y&R spoilers confirm she’s got terrible luck when it comes to murdering this man. She ran him down with a car and (allegedly) framed him for poisoning Constance Bingham. Then she drugged him, rigged the cabin to explode and left him for dead. Yet there he is alive and well. This time, she went for the face to face approach and shot him point blank.

Yet still she missed. The shooter being Chloe explains how the would-be killer knew the lay of the land at the Newman Ranch and evaded security. What is clear is that Chloe has no talent for murder. She keeps failing and now Adam Newman has her locked up somewhere, confirm Young and the Restless spoilers. There’s the lingering issue of whether Kevin Fisher knew that Chloe came gunning for Adam and let her go. Or if he found out too late to stop her.

Y&R Spoilers: Adam Confirms He Has Chloe – Tells Kevin Fisher He Owns Him Now

On tomorrow’s Young and the Restless, spoilers say Kevin and Adam Newman meet again to discuss their mutual kidnappings. Since Adam knows Chloe Mitchell tried to kill him again, he’s got Kevin over a barrel. He makes the guy an offer he can’t refuse. He’ll give him back Chloe, but Kevin now belongs to Adam and will do his dirty work at Dark Horse. And, of course, he’s got to keep Chloe from more murder attempts. She’s spotted soon.

Not only that, but Adam wants Phyllis Abbott (soon to be Michelle Stafford) handed back. Kevin agrees to all of Adam’s terms, say Y&R spoilers. But Kevin falls short when it comes time to hand back Phyllis. That’s because she pulls a fast one. Soon, we’ll see her sneak out of the basement lair and she makes a bee-line for Vegas. This is when the actress swap takes place. Phyllis Abbott is in Sin City to find out more on Adam.

Young and the Restless: Adam Defeats Chloe – Bella Blackmail the Key?

There’s no certainty, of course, that Kevin Fisher can stop Chloe Mitchell from trying to kill Adam Newman again. So, it’ll be up to Adam to make sure she can’t. Y&R spoilers tease that he’ll tell Chloe that she’ll be in prison alongside Kevin – if he’s got dirt on both – meaning their child will grow up without them. Threatening Bella is the only way that Adam will bend Chloe to his will. So, you can bet that’s the route he’ll go.

So when will Chloe Mitchell show up on Young and the Restless? The latest intel says to expect Elizabeth Hendrickson the week of June 24-28. She was set to do double duty at both the CBS soap and General Hospital, but was released from GH. That means she might just stick around Genoa City with Kevin as a pawn in Adam Newman’s game. Watch to see the reveal that Chloe Mitchell was the one that shot Adam Newman and the fallout from her latest attempt on his life.

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