‘Young and the Restless’ Spoilers: Ana Keeping Secrets Again – Devon Determined to Discover Truth

Young and the Restless spoilers promise Devon Hamilton (Bryton James) is determined to learn Ana Hamilton‘s (Loren Lott) latest secret. After Devon sees Ana is working with an obvious agenda, he questions whether he can trust her. As she lied to him before, Devon Hamilton doesn’t necessarily feel good about his sister. Will he learn exactly what Ana Hamilton is hiding this time?

Young and the Restless Spoilers: Devon Hamilton Needs Truth About Ana Hamilton

Yet again, it seems Ana Hamilton is keeping things from Devon. However, this time around, Devon isn’t going to let her simply hide her agenda. He called her out once and then forgave her. But now that she’s keeping secrets again, it could affect their sibling bond as he realizes she’s untrustworthy.

Recent Young and the Restless spoilers divulge that Devon discovers that Ana is hiding things from him. Whatever the reason, it goes at odds with Devon’s business and goals. He’s still burned from her lying while they both worked with Fenmore Baldwin (Zach Tinker).

However, while she hid info from him before, it was to protect herself. She didn’t want her name in the spotlight but wanted to continue writing songs. As Devon Hamilton learns that his sister has more up her sleeve, could her scheming tear the siblings apart?

Y&R Spoilers: Ana Hamilton – The Secrets Never End

Recently, Ana Hamilton tried to keep things hidden from her brother on Young and the Restless, but Devon eventually figured it out. Now, it appears Ana didn’t learn her lesson. However, this latest agenda Devon discovers may be more detrimental.

When Ana lied in to get her way, she told Devon she was trying to protect herself. She wrote Fenmore’s songs and lied about it. She used a pen name and told Devon she knew the songwriter who wanted to keep anonymous and let her handle the finances.

Of course, this came out, especially when Fen’s song climbed the charts. Devon understands that Ana doesn’t want to be in the public eye. Even though she’s talented and Devon would love to embrace it for the business, Ana doesn’t agree. However, this new agenda might reveal she does crave the spotlight.

Young and the Restless: Family Torn Apart?

According to recent Y&R spoilers, Devon is quite annoyed by Ana Hamilton’s secret-keeping. In fact, when he learns she’s being dishonest again, he goes so far as to question whether or not he can trust her at all. Obviously, her actions hint that she’s untrustworthy.

While he obviously loves his sister, he’s not going to deal with her scheming on Young and the Restless. Devon tried to help his sister in the past, though she denied there were any issues. When he discovered her first lie, he wondered if she was in trouble.

Ana denied it and said she had a lot of debt, like many people do. However, she clarified she wasn’t in any trouble. Now, it appears Ana may have lied to Devon Hamilton. What secret is she keeping this time around?

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