‘Young and the Restless’ Spoiler News: The Truth Behind Mishael Morgan’s ‘Y&R’ Exit

Young and the Restless spoilers reveal Mishael Morgan is on her way out at Y&R and all that is left is how the character will depart the show.

It seems that there may be more than just a simple inability to come to terms when it comes to Mishael Morgan’s departure from The Young and the Restless. Her agent David Ritchie of Ambition Talent sat down with TV Source Magazine to set the rumors straight about why Mishael Morgan really chose to leave the show,

Mishael’s original contract rumor

 Ritchie set the rumor straight that Morgan had been working off contract since 2015. He told the reporter “That is incorrect. Her original contract expired in spring of 2016. We negotiated a two-year extension which expired in June of 2018. David  goes on to explain that they tried to start negotiations for a new contract in late March and early April.”

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The agent explains how contracts work 

David Ritchie said “Everything starts with money. The producers and the networks weren’t willing to give her a raise so that played a major role in her decision.” When asked what he meant Ritchie explained when an actor signs on for a soap, they sign for three years and accept their pay, as the seasons increase the number of guaranteed episodes for the actor increases as does the pay rate. He said that in the third contract negotiation they offered Mishael and her team more episodes, but no increase in pay.

Mishael Morgan did not walk away from the table

TV Source mentioned that Mishael Morgan is the only woman of color to be featured in a soap storyline right now. He said that he was shocked to learn that The Young and the Restless was not willing to pay her more money considering that she was so pivotal to the soap. Ritchie expressed his surprise at these circumstances as well.  He told TV Source “It shocked me, to say the least. As one of Mishael’s representatives, it was hard for me to know who to talk to because we don’t know how the budget works or the networks move money.”

Ritchie said that The Young and the Restless gave the impression that Morgan walked away from the negotiating table.  David is quick to dispute that fact. He tells the reporter “ We felt like we had no choice but to explore other options.”

Will Morgan be back someday?

TV Source asked if there is a possibility for further negotiations between Morgan and the show. Morgan’s agent said “I am always willing to go back and take someone’s phone call. We parted ways amicably, so yes the door is open  for negotiations down the road.”

For now, it looks like Mishael Morgan is done on The Young and the Restless, but the door may be open for her return.

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