‘Young and the Restless’: Nick or Adam – Who Gets Christian

Young and the Restless is preparing for a brotherly battle between new Adam Newman (Mark Grossman) and old Nick Newman (Joshua Morrow). Christian Newman (Jude & Ozzy McGuigen) may soon have yet another parental upheaval. In the past, the poor kid had a mother mess and now it’s a dad dilemma. This year, Christian has no one around for him to celebrate for Mother’s Day. Next month, little Christian may have Father’s Day festivities that are very confusing. Check out the latest then vote in our poll on who should get Christian.

Young and the Restless: Adam Newman Deeply Attached to Christian Newman

Last week on Y&R, spoilers reminds that Sharon Newman (Sharon Case) leafed through the pics Victor Newman (Eric Braeden Gudegast) gave to Adam. She saw pics of all the siblings and even Adam Newman’s mom Hope Wilson (Signy Coleman). But all those were tossed aside. The only one that new Adam felt strongly enough about to keep was one of Christian Newman.

Perhaps he felt a strong emotional reaction because of his tough decision on Young and the Restless to give up his son. Even though Adam knew that was his child, he let Nick Newman keep him. That had to be one of the hardest choices that Adam ever made. Yet he did it. But that’s because Nick was grieving the loss of Sage Newman (Kelly Sullivan). But now Nick’s heart is healed and that is Adam’s son.

Y&R Spoilers: Who Will Fight for Adam to Take Christian From Nick Newman?

The Christian situation is complicated on Young and the Restless. Spoilers promise that Sharon Newman will have a stake in this debate. Already, she went to great lengths to lie to Nick and keep Christian hidden in her home. Remember, she pretended the tyke was her son with Dylan McAvoy (Steve Burton). That reveal almost destroyed the family. Then when Nick was with her, she got to be a mom to Christian.

If Sharon gets into a renewed romance with the amnesiac, you can bet she’ll be Team Adam in a future custody battle. Victor already tried to battle Nick for the kid, so you can bet he’s on Adam Newman’s side in a future custody case. Abby Newman (Melissa Ordway) might stay out of this. And if Chelsea Newman (Melissa Claire Egan) is back for a court case, she’ll probably take Adam’s angle as well on Y&R.

Nick Newman May Have More Allies in a Custody Case

Young and the Restless spoilers hint that most of Genoa City could be Team Nick in the event of a war over Christian Newman. Nikki Newman (Melody Thomas Scott) is an obvious choice of ally since she doesn’t want Nick to endure any more heartbreak. As for Victoria Newman (Amelia Heinle), of course she’ll take her full blood brother’s side over Adam Junior’s. Abby might lean their way (or not).

Jack Abbott (Peter Bergman) was once tight with Adam, recall Y&R spoilers. But now he’s in business with Nick Newman. So, odds are that he’d side with Nick. Then again, the bottom line is that Adam should be behind bars right now. That goes against him in court. But, he’s also the biological father of Christian Newman so that’s in his favor. Nick Newman has little legal standing to the kid but right now he has custody.

So, expect that Adam Newman will be quite interested to see Christian Newman. Also, Victor is probably already working on taking care of Adam’s legal issues. With those out of the way, it would clear a path for Adam to take back his son. But will he? It all depends on when and if he gets his memories back and what he recalls of the reasons why he let Nick raise his son to start with on the CBS sudser. But who do you think should raise the kid? Vote in the poll below.

Who should raise Christian Newman?

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