‘Young and the Restless’ Next Week Spoilers: Rey Grills Chloe – Does She Spill The Beans?

Young and the Restless next week spoilers April 26 – 30 hint Rey Rosales (Jordi Vilasuso) interrogates Chloe Mitchell (Elizabeth Hendrickson) about her involvement in his poisoning. Will she keep Chelsea Newman’s (Melissa Claire Egan) secret or spill it all to the Genoa City detective? Also, Amanda Sinclair (Mishael Morgan) learns her father may have been a crook on the CBS soap opera.

Young and the Restless Next Week Spoilers: Amanda Sinclair Gets Disturbing News

Y&R next week spoilers indicate Amanda starts digging deeper into her grandfather’s, Sutton Ames (Jack Landron), past. She wants to be fully prepared when his trial begins. However, what she finds will have a lasting impact on the beautiful lawyer on Young and the Restless.

Spoilers recall she only recently discovered who her father is. However, due to his untimely death 30 years ago she never met him. Now Y&R spoilers hint that she will find that he father may have been a crook.

Michael Baldwin (Christian LeBlanc) starts asking questions about Amanda’s relationship with Sutton. Does he tell Amanda something she doesn’t want to know about her father, ask Young and the Restless spoilers?

Amanda’s half-sister hinted that she will regret helping Sutton. She could also know something that could rock Amanda’s world. Young and the Restless spoilers point to no smooth sailing for the attorney very soon in Genoa City.

Young and the Restless Spoilers: Chloe Mitchell (Elizabeth Hendrickson)

Chloe Mitchell Faces Tough Questions on Y&R

Rey Rosales will pour all his energy into finding the person who tried to kill him, in Young and the Restless spoilers this week – and starts with Chloe Mitchell. So, Rey grills Chloe to see if she was working with Chelsea. Of course, Chloe was willing to do anything to help her friend finally be rid of Adam Newman (Mark Grossman).

Of course, Rey’s inclined to believe that Adam targeted him – but he’s trying to be open-minded. Sharon Newman (Sharon Case) insisted Chelsea was involved. And if she is, Chloe Mitchell might be the key, per Young and the Restless spoilers. And Chloe’s furious at her BFF – and scared she’ll be punished for her role in the misdeed.

Chloe was shocked to learn that she unwittingly helped poison Rey Rosales. The big question, in Young and the Restless spoilers, is will she tell Rey the truth. Or will Chloe Mitchell continue to cover for her scheming pal and lie to Rey? Chloe has a lot to lose if the duo is caught. Watch this week to see if Chloe Mitchell cracks under the pressure from Rey Rosales.

Young and the Restless Spoilers: Rey Rosales (Jordi Vilasuso) - Chelsea Newman (Melissa Claire Egan)

Young and the Restless: Rey Rosales Sets A Trap For Chelsea

Chelsea successfully kept everyone in the dark – including Chloe. She’s completely recovered from her stroke. However, people in GC still believe that she’s still struggling. That could all change as Rey Rosales sets a trap for her on Young and the Restless. And he may use info from Chloe Mitchell.

As a seasoned con woman, Chelsea has covered her tracks well (or so she thinks). But Rey Rosales is a veteran detective. Young and the Restless spoilers suggest it will be a game of cat and mouse as Rey tries to trip up Chelsea. As Melissa Egan gets closer to her maternity leave, it would seem this storyline may come to an end soon.

Who better to catch Chelsea in the act and force her to face the consequences of her actions than Rey Rosales? Keeping watching to see if he uses info from Chloe Mitchell to catch the woman who poisoned him on the CBS sudser.

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