‘Young and the Restless’ News: Michael Muhney Defends Hunter King

Young and the Restless‘ Michael Muhney ex Adam Newman is asking for fans to stop the hate on ex-co star Hunter King. King’s twitter has been barraged with angry Muhney fans who felt he was unjustly fired from the daytime soap.

CBS hired Michael Muhney in 2009 and fired him in 2014. Muhney played the dastardly Adam Newman. Muhney was a force to be reckoned with as Adam Newman. He was greatly missed by fans and still is. Fans started petitions to bring Muhney back and the petitions are still circulating.

Michael Muhney – Ex-Adam Newman Still Has Young and the Restless Fans

Muhney has lots of fan support on Twitter and Facebook. They tweet Mal Young almost every day asking for Muhney to return as Adam. Just recently Muhney tweeted in defense of Hunter King, who most recently was brought back to Young and the Restless. He tweeted:
People sending hateful tweets to @HunterHaleyKing about me must STOP. That internet rumor was FALSE. It never happened. She NEVER made those accusations. She’s a talented actress, let her do her job without this nonsense. Spread love, not hate.

Y&R Chaos at Firing

At the time of his firing from Young and the Restless, Jill Farren Phelps was the executive producer at the Young and the Restless and reports were she and Muhney did not get along. Phelps fired the talented Billy Miller also. Miller has gone on to ABC’s General Hospital.

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TMZ reported at the time was that Muhney touched Hunter King’s breasts. The Young and the Restless actress never came out and said they were not true and still has not denied the allegations,  she went on to win a Daytime Emmy for that year.
These are charges the Young and the Restless actor denied adamantly for years.

What is Young and the Restless Ex-Actor Doing Now?

Michael has gone on to do a few made for TV movies as well as a few other projects like ABC’s The Good Doctor.  His greatest passion is his family and cycling. Muhney keeps very busy bicycling all over the world keeping fans updated via Twitter.
Regardless of what the problem was Muhney obviously has no hard feelings and wants his fans to spread love not hate.
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