Young and the Restless: Michael Muhney’s Son Begs Santa for Dad’s Y&R Job Back

The Young and the Restless ex-star Michael Muhney (who played Adam Newman) shared a message from his son. It begged Santa to get his dad his job back. Since the one job that everyone thinks of with Muhney is at Y&R, that seems the obvious choice. Here’s a look at what his son said in his funny (but strange) holiday message.

Young and the Restless – Michael Muhney Son – Health Scare

Former Y&R actor Michael has three kids. Dylan Muhney, Ella Muhney, and Truman Muhney. The message to Santa pleading to end his dad’s dry spell at work was from Truman. We reported in September that Truman suffered a health scare. Michael Muhney shared pics from the hospital of his five-year-old in the emergency room with heart monitors strapped to the kid.

Michael said that his son was suffering from issues with his heart valves, but Truman seems to be better now. Recently the Young and the Restless alumn shared photos on Twitter attending his kids’ holiday parties at their school in LA. The tweet below is of his son Truman at the Kindergarten Christmas Showcase. Michael said “Truman sang his heart out today”.

Five Year Anniversary of Young and the Restless Exit

It’s been nearly five years since Michael Muhney was last seen in Genoa City as Adam Newman. It’s close to the anniversary of his exit. Michael was fired from Young and the Restless. And fan debate still continues on why he was axed. There were some ugly accusations but the larger issue seemed to be his backstage rivalry with Y&R star Eric Braeden (aka Victor Newman).

In his final scene, Billy Abbott (then Billy Miller) raged at Adam Newman over the hit and run death of Delia Abbott. Then Adam crashed the car as a gunshot rang out. That was the last fans saw of Michael Muhney on the CBS soap. That was January 30, 2014. It’s almost the five-year anniversary of his exit. Since then, Justin Hartley came and went in the role of Adam as well.

Truman Muhney Asks Santa for Job For His Dad

This week, Michael shared a photo he took while at his son’s school for a holiday event. You can see the pic and tweet below. Ex Young and the Restless actor Michael Muhney wrote, “Just found this on the wall in his classroom. Not sure whether to laugh or cry. Or both.”. The image shows Truman’s Christmas wish. The Kindergartner wrote:

“Dear Santa, I would like for my dad to get his job back. Thank you! Love, Truman”.

Remember it’s been almost five years since Michael worked at Y&R and his son Truman Muhney is five. This message implies that his dad’s firing from the CBS soap must still be a frequent topic of conversation around the Muhney household. How else would his son know? And Michael hasn’t had much acting work since leaving the soap, so what other job could it reference?

Young and the Restless: Michael Muhney - Truman Muhney

Ex Y&R Actor Struggling For Work?

Since his Young and the Restless exit, Michael Muhney’s IMDB page has been pretty bare. There was a Christmas movie that aired on ion TV in late 2014. Then in 2015, he did The Track that had critics raving but little other success. The next year, in 2016, Muhney worked on Search Engines, a dramedy that had a meager $3,000 opening weekend at the box office and was a flop by any measure.

Back on the small screen, Michael Muhney landed an episode of hit ABC medical series The Good Doctor in 2017. But after that aired in October of last year, it seems he’s had no work. There are no future projects listed and no work noted for any of 2018. Has Muhney’s acting career dried up? Perhaps Truman Muhney was right to ask Santa to intervene.

Certainly, it’s not likely that Muhney’s could return to Y&R since showrunner Mal Young is dismantling legacy families like the Newmans. The Brit is steadily ripping apart the fabric and history of the soap. So resurrecting Adam Newman, with Michael Muhney in the role or not, seems long an incredible long shot. Watch Y&R weekdays on CBS.

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