‘Young and the Restless’: Michael Muhney Shares Mom’s Health Crisis

Young and the Restless star Michael Muhney (formerly Adam Newman) just shared on social media that his mom Marion Muhney had a serious health crisis. This is the second major family emergency that Muhney tweeted about over the past year. It looks like his mother needed an emergency cardiac procedure and now Muhney is asking fans to send well wishes to his mother for a speedy recovery. Here’s the latest on the ex-Y&R star’s family crisis.

Young and the Restless: Ex-Adam Newman Portrayer Michael Muhney Tweets About Marion Muhney

All of Michael Muhney’s fans know that he’s all about family and they come first in his life. The ex-Y&R actor shared on Twitter today that his mother, Marion Muhney, had a medical crisis that required medical intervention. You can see his tweet below. His mom ran short on breath and had cardiac issues. She needed two stents to recover. The former Adam Newman portrayer from CBS’ Young and the Restless also said she was out of the hospital and back home recovering.

In case you’re a Young and the Restless fan without a lot of knowledge of heart surgery procedures, a stent keeps an artery open. Surgeons insert the wire mesh tube into a vein or artery to prop it open and let blood flow normally. Obstructions and other issues prevent proper blood flow. So, stents correct the problem and are left in the blood vessel permanently. Michael Muhney’s mother had two stents placed in her heart so that sounds like she had a double dose of a cardiac crisis.

Y&R Star Shares Second Family Medical Scare in a Year

His mother’s health crisis scared Michael Muhney obviously. He’s asking Young and the Restless viewers to share warm wishes for her recovery by tweeting her. And this is the second family emergency he’s shared in the past few months. In September 2018, there was another heart health scare in the family. That time it was his son Truman Muhney (age 6). Michael shared a pic of his son in the emergency room. He said Truman was “all heart” and showed him being tested for medical issues.

Although Michael Muhney didn’t do a deep dive into his son’s particular issue, he said it was something to do with Truman’s growing heart valves. The former Young and the Restless actor also said they had specialists involved to make sure things go all right. Now, just 10 months later, Michael is reporting another family medical issue. After sharing that his mother is recovering at home, he asked fans to send nice tweets for her to read while resting and getting better. Marion Muhney was her son’s strongest advocate during his Y&R ordeal.

New Adam Newman – Many Fans Upset It’s Not Michael Muhney

Michael Muhney is on the mind of many Young and the Restless fans lately. That’s because, after three years, the CBS sudser resurrected Adam Newman. CBS recast Justin Hartley in the role after Muhney’s exit. But for any fans, Michael is the “real” Adam Newman and they will accept no substitutes. However, the soap has recast Adam Newman with Mark Grossman in the role – a much younger actor.

Reviews on the recast are mixed and die-hard Muhney fans refuse to accept any Y&R request that is not their favorite. If you want to send Michael Muhney’s mama Marion Muhney a wish for a speedy recovery, you can hit her up at @michaels_mom on Twitter. His mother seems to be recovering nicely, and he’s encouraging fans to keep the positive thoughts flowing.

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