Young and the Restless: Mal Young Killing Hilary Curtis Could Be Reversed

Young and the Restless news that Mal Young was fired means everything can change. There’s even a way that Hilary Curtis (Mishael Morgan) might be resurrected. If this is the case, that would also get Lily Winters (Christel Khalil) out of jail. There are so many possibilities open for a better future on Y&R now that the showrunner was axed.

Young and the Restless Spoilers – Mal Young Killing Hilary Curtis Could Be Reversed

With Mal Young parting ways with Young and the Restless, viewers wonder if the show will slowly get back to the infatuating storylines that made this soap so popular. It looks like the fans are already thinking ahead with ideas on how to fix the “Mal Young effect” on the soap.

One way to set things to right is to reveal that Hilary faked her death. Many viewers want her back – and there’s a plausible way to make it happen. The new head writer is fresh from Days of Our Lives, which is known for resurrecting the dead. Could Josh Griffith do the same for Hilary Curtis at Y&R?

Fans Want Hilary and Lily Winters Back on the Screen!

It seems Young and the Restless superfan Matt Hanvey sees the possibility of Hilary’s return. One way to play this out could bring her neatly back to Genoa City. Once Hilary Curtis realized she had lost her baby, he says they could write it as Hilary faking her death out of grief. If Hilary is alive, that would reverse a lot of fall out including Lily Winters going to prison.

Of course, this would take a lot of explaining on the part of Y&R. But it wouldn’t be the first time a tough storyline was reworked. Her doctor at the time, Nate Hastings (Brooks Darnell), was one of the few people who liked Hilary among the Genoa City dwellers. He might have helped her fake her death. This plausible plot twist could undue some of the awful things Mal Young did to the cast of Y&R.

Fake Death for Hilary Needs Some Explanation – But Totally Doable

Would Nate help her fake her death? That’s going to take a lot of explaining if this storyline does come home to roost on Young and the Restless. But, this is a soap so stranger things have happened. There’s plenty of stories out there where someone used a cadaver from a medical school as a replacement in the coffin when someone was faking their death.

With all the problems Hilary had in the past, this would kill two birds with one stone. Hilary Curtis was detested by many in Genoa City so she might have decided leaving was the best plan. Then, of course, it’s also the perfect revenge on Lily Winters. Just seeing her go to prison might be enough reason for Hilary to have concocted this plan.

Would Lily Take Revenge?

It would also open the door for more Y&R intrigue. Especially after Devon Hamilton (Bryton James) pushed the court hard to make Lily Winters pay for Hilary’s death. While he had a change of heart just before his sister was sentenced, it was too late.

Something would have to bring Hilary back… so what could Young and the Restless script for that reason? After all, she was Devon’s wife for a few hours anyway. Is she missing the love of her life? Did she hear something that made her change her mind? Since he’s spiraling out of control, maybe she could come back to save him from himself.

So many possibilities open up if the new folks taking charge of Young and the Restless decide to resurrect Hilary Curtis – and spring Lily Winters from prison. It could launch a new bitter battle between Lily and Hilary – or allow then to finally bury their ugly past and move on as family.

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