‘Young and the Restless’ Hints Billy Abbott Exit – Jason Thompson Leaving ‘Y&R’?

Young and the Restless chatter from backstage indicates Billy Abbott (Jason Thompson) may be leaving the soap. This leaked info ties back to the talk of trouble in the writer’s room at the CBS sudser. Let’s take a look at the predictions for the fate of Billy Boy on Y&R.

Young and the Restless Writer Change Ahead – Billy Abbott Part of Problem?

A Y&R insider leaked recently linked to Billy Abbott’s future at the soap – and what’s happening with Phyllis Summers too. It look like there’s some doubt on Josh Griffith’s run as head writer at Young and the Restless.

And the chatter says that he may be on the bubble to get a co-head writer or pushed out if things don’t improve. Of course, there’s no confirmation yet. One thing that came up from the leaker is that the powers that be aren’t happy with where he’s taken Phyllis on Young and the Restless.

Because, they wooed her back to Y&R – and it wasn’t cheap, according to reports. Yet since all the hubbub about her return, they’ve not done much with her. Phyllis has no relationships and has been kicked around on Young and the Restless since they brought her back. It’s about the writing…

Will Y&R Write Off Billy?

Other Young and the Restless chatter’s about Billy Abbott. The character’s on a downward spiral. The writers took him out of his long-running relationship with Victoria Newman (Amelia Heinle). And paired Billy Abbott with Amanda Sinclair (Mishael Morgan). Many fans hate both these plots.

Tons of Young and the Restless viewers want Amanda with Devon Hamilton (Bryton James). Plus, Billy Abbott’s on a spiral. He’s back to gambling, he’s running amok, and he’s immensely unlikeable right now. And he’s clearly still crazy in the head with that internal dialog and hanging with the lady lawyer.

So, it feels a lot like Young and the Restless wrote Billy Abbott into a corner. The other Y&R characters and viewers don’t like him much right now. And now there’s new chatter that the actor’s also not happy with the direction they’ve taken his character. So, that’s another issue.

Young and the Restless Talk of Billy Miller Persists…

Y&R fans jumped for joy when Billy Miller (ex-Billy Abbott) walked away from General Hospital. Since then, they’ve hoped he’d come back to the CBS soap. Plus, around the same time, the sudser stole Michelle Stafford from GH to bring her back as Phyllis. They called her an iconic face.

Since then, there’s been no Young and the Restless confirmation or word that they’ve talked to Miller about reprising his role as Billy Abbott. But, if it’s true Jason Thompson’s not happy and may leave the role, then it opens a door. Clearly, Y&R’s not doing a great job with Billy Abbott.

Young and the Restless did an overnight cure for his psychosis, then pushed him back with Vicki, then with Amanda (almost at random), and soon Billy beds her. His storyline’s messy – and not in a good way. And it seems to have no purpose or logic.

So, maybe the speculation’s true and Billy Abbott’s headed out on Y&R – and whether it’s CBS execs driving this or the actor himself – it’s understandable. Either way, it’s all down to the writing issues at the sudser…

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