‘Young and the Restless’ Did Not Fire Tyler Johnson & Sasha Calle as Theo & Lola

Young and the Restless chatter is at fever pitch about Lola Rosales and Theo Vanderway exiting and the contract status of Sasha Calle and Tyler Johnson. Here’s the latest info but the first thing to know is this firing news is just gossip. Get the latest soap opera spoilers for Y&R on CBS.

Who’s Leaving Young and the Restless – Comings and Goings

All the rumors exploded yesterday from an article that claimed the CBS sudser cut both Sasha Calle and scene partner Tyler Johnson. The site (which we won’t name) said they heard Tyler and Sasha “have both been let go” from Young and the Restless.

Then, other places reported it as fact. Next, the original site claiming to have inside info yanked down their story, and there’s a blank “404” page there in its place. The initial “report” claimed that Tyler Johnson would have already been “released from the contract” if not for the COVID-19 hiatus of Young and the Restless.

Then, they encouraged readers to stay tuned for updates. And the update was that they deleted their story completely. Then, some other sites are now claiming they have “proof” that Sashe Calle’s out as Lola Rosales. And also that Tyler Johnson is done as Theo Vanderway because of the Young and the Restless actors’ social channels. But that’s bogus too.

Young and the Restless Spoilers: Kyle Abbott (Michael Mealor) - Lola Rosales (Sasha Calle) - Theo Vanderway (Tyler Johnson)

Fake News on Tyler’s Status Change – See His Social Proof

There’s one tidbit that has some outlets saying is “proof” that Theo Vanderway’s out, and so is Sasha Calle. The original site that reported this story said both Tyler Johnson and also Sasha Calle stripped Young and the Restless off their Instagram bios. And they put up a screenshot. But we have different info. (See the very current info above).

You can see from above that Tyler Johnson still clearly lists himself as playing Theo Vanderway. As for Sasha Calle, her IG changed at some point. But her bio tweak may not be about her status at Young and the Restless. Instead, you can see above that Sasha Calle’s using that space now to promote her music.

So, there is no “evidence” that any of this is true. Plus, the storyline with Lola Rosales, Theo Vanderway, and others is still popping on Young and the Restless. Plus, both Lola and Theo have significant ties to legacy characters and are front and center on Y&R.

Young and the Restless: Theo Vanderway (Tyler Johnson) - Lola Rosales (Sasha Calle)

Young and the Restless Doesn’t Confirm Cast Changes

It’s rare that Y&R addresses idle chatter and rumors about its cast. The only time in recent memory is when rumors boiled about Billy Miller coming back to take the role of Billy Abbott from Jason Thompson. Aside from that, they’re radio silent.

Also, Young and the Restless fans should take hope from the fact the first site to “report” this “news” deleted their post. That means you can relax and ignore the rumor mill on Tyler Johnson leaving from his Theo Vanderway role. And also for Sashe Calle and Lola Rosales.

Remember, Young and the Restless fans — Theo Vanderway is a Mergeron-Abbott. So, it’s doubtful that they’d cut him since he’s part of a legacy family. At the most, Tyler Johnson might slide to recurring – but there’s no word on that happening either. As for Lola, she’s linked to her brother in GC.

And he’s dating Sharon Newman (Sharon Case) – another legacy character. And Lola works for Abby Newman (Melissa Ordway). So, Sasha Calle’s character has double legacy family links. Keep watching Y&R as the love story of Lola Rosales to unfold with Theo Vanderway. And ignore the rumors.

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