‘ Young and the Restless’: Did Chelsea’s Mom Anita Cause Calvin’s Heart Attack? Catherine Bach Back

Young and the Restless is bringing back Chelsea Newman‘s (Melissa Claire Egan) con woman mama Anita Lawson (Catherine Bach). Did Anita instigate Calvin Boudreau’s (John Burke) death? Of course, mama Anita back to Genoa City could spell trouble for her daughter – or could be the help that Chelsea needs. Usually, her mother shows up when there’s a con to be run – or her daughter needs saving. See what could be coming soon when Cathy Bach heads back to the CBS soap.

Young and the Restless: Anita Lawson Linked to Calvin Boudreau

Young and the Restless spoilers showed Chelsea Newman didn’t exactly marry much-older Calvin for love. In fact, Chelsea revealed mama Anita Lawson was attached to Calvin first. But then Chelsea wound up married to the older wealthy New Orleans man. Given his wealth and both the Lawson women’s interest, he might have been a mark for their scams.

Then for Calvin to up and drop dead, it’s suspicious. The final autopsy report shows it as a heart attack. Paul Williams (Doug Davidson) says it was a heart attack so severe, they call it a widow maker. But he seemed healthy. And, it’s possible to cause a heart attack. Certain drugs can trigger one – and some that are even untraceable, hint Young and the Restless spoilers.

Y&R: Anita and Chelsea Conned Together Before

Young and the Restless spoilers show Chelsea Newman and mom Anita Lawson grew closer over the past many years. For a while, Chelsea distanced herself from Anita because her mother was still grifting. Since Chelsea was trying to clean up her reputation, she couldn’t have her con-woman mom hanging around. But then Anita went straight too – or seemed to. Now, she’s back on August 8.

Then all of a sudden, we hear Anita Lawson’s name. Next, we find out she had her eye on Calvin before he married her daughter. Finally, the guy dropped dead. And Paul Williams doesn’t have all of this information at hand. He just knows what Adam Newman (Mark Grossman) said about the custody argument and a coroner’s report of a heart attack, remind Young and the Restless spoilers.

Young and the Restless: Was Calvin a Target for Chelsea Newman and Mom?

There are lots of unanswered questions about the timeline of Chelsea’s “romance” with Calvin Boudreau. Already, Nick Newman (Joshua Morrow) asked about the order of events. Because for a while after Adam “died”, she was friends with Nick, then they deepened into a romance. Then, she took off. And now we find out on Y&R that she’s been married to Calvin for a while. It all seems strange.

Plus, there was the big argument between Calvin and Chelsea the night that he died. He wanted her to leave Connor Newman (Gadbois Twins) with Adam and come away from Genoa City with him. She was upset. Then her husband was dead. She had time to call her mom Anita Lawson and ask for help. If so, did Anita go dark and “take care” of her daughter’s problem husband on Young and the Restless?

Y&R: Did Anita Cause Calvin’s Heart Attack?

Young and the Restless spoilers hint that Anita Lawson might have caused Calvin Boudreau’s death. Or found someone to do it for her. Anita’s not known for violence. She’s gone to great lengths to ensure she and Chelsea Newman have money. And now, her daughter’s a wealthy widow, so this whole thing stinks.

While Chelsea Newman seems innocent, she might be play acting. She’s also a consummate con woman. So, it seems pretty unlikely that Calvin accidentally dropped dead at the most convenient time for Chelsea. The only question is what really caused his death. And if it was murder, who’s behind it? Look for Catherine Bach to hit Genoa City as Anita Lawson on in less than a month on the CBS soap.

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