‘Young and the Restless’: Chelsea Newman Must Pick Her Soul Mate – Adam vs Nick

Young and the Restless spoilers are curious to know what fans think about who is Chelsea Newman’s (Melissa Claire Egan) true soul mate. Maybe it’s Adam Newman (Mark Grossman) or it could be his older brother Nick Newman (Joshua Morrow). There are some hardcore fan followings and this question divides them. There is Team Chadam (Chelsea and Adam) and Team Chick (Chelsea and Nick). Most Y&R viewers aren’t wishy washy on this point and are shipping one or the other. But there’s a case to be made for both guys to have a destiny with Chelsea. Take a look at the CBS soap future for these three.

Young and the Restless: Is Adam Newman The Man for Chelsea Newman?

On Y&R, Chelsea Newman is coming back soon and will have face time with her baby daddy soon. But the last time she was in Genoa City, she was with his brother. One faction of fans automatically says that it’s Adam Newman who belongs with Chelsea. Remember, Adam always accepted Chelsea Newman for all her faults and he loved her almost to the point of obsession. However, Adam has not always done right by the woman he claims is his soul mate. Yet Chelsea forgave Adam anything and took him back time and again because she loved him, but does he really love her?

Or is he obsessed with control like his father Victor Newman (Eric Braeden)? Right now, he says he wants Chelsea Newman back. But that’s also about his son Connor Newman. And, when he heard Chelsea moved on, he started sidling up to Sharon Newman (Sharon Case) in no time at all. So, it remains to be seen, once Chelsea Newman is back on Young and the Restless if he goes all-out to win her back. Who knows – Chelsea could be the center of his universe. He often talked about wanting to be a better person for her even though he often fell short. So is Adam Newman her soul mate?

Y&R Spoilers: Chelsea Returns for Nick Newman

On the other hand, Nick Newman was there for Chelsea through the worst moments of her life on Young and the Restless. Nick was at her side when she watched the cabin explode and assumed Adam died. They both lost someone – her, Adam, and him, Sage Newman (Kelly Sullivan). She and Nick grieved together and raised their children together. They didn’t start out hot and fiery. Instead, they built a friendship. Their two sons grew up together and so did their relationship. Even though Chelsea was lying and knew that Christian was not Nick’s son.

Nick supported her personal and professional dreams and her need to be her own person. She seemed to blossom under Nick’s love on Y&R. Chelsea became her own woman. She was no longer Chelsea Newman, Adam Newman’s wife, and widow. Nick Newman encouraged her to spread her wings and fly. And when she fell for him, she fell hard. The only thing that stopped her was the terrible secret she kept. Chelsea Newman leaving town abruptly devastated Nick Newman. But now, he’ll call her back to Genoa City and ask her to choose him.

Young and Restless: Soon Chelsea Newman Is Back and Takes Sides

While Nick left Chelsea on radio silences, she reached out to him repeatedly, we learned from recent Y&R spoilers. He ignored her texts and apologies, but clearly, Nick Newman was on her mind. Now, Nick breaks his silence and reaches out to Chelsea Newman. Victoria Newman (Amelia Heinle) stealing her number for Adam Newman infuriated Nick. So, with the custody case filed last week, Nick needs Chelsea at his side – and on his side. But, will she choose him or Adam?

Young and the Restless spoilers point to Chelsea Newman’s return in the next week. The latest intel reveals she visits both men – Nick and Adam. It’s doubtful she decided already whose side to choose, but will soon. It also remains to be seen if she’s really married. That seems unlikely since she loved and lost both Newman brothers. Her moving on with a new guy and letting him adopt Connor seems far-fetched and maybe a lie she told to buy her some time to think.

So, wait and see which brother Chelsea Newman chooses as her soul mate. She loved both Adam Newman and his big brother Nick Newman deeply and both men loved her. There is no question about that. The only question is which one is her true soul mate? Wait to see what happens soon on the CBS sudser.

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