‘Young and the Restless’: Can Adam Newman Ever be Happy?

Young and the Restless spoilers for Adam Newman (Mark Grossman) left fans wondering if he’ll face consequences for the death in Kansas. He’s left fired as CEO and miserable over losing his leverage. But even in the best-case, will Adam ever be happy on Y&R?

Adam Newman’s Dissatisfied from the Start on Young and the Restless

History reminds, despite Adam Newman’s academic accomplishments, he came to Genoa CIty with a chip on his shoulder and lots to prove. Since then, he’s embarked on scheme after scheme aimed at his dad Victor Newman (Eric Braeden).

It always seems on Young and the Restless that his daddy issues override everything else. It seems like Adam might be pleased to be CEO of his dad’s company with his father at his side, ruling together. But that doesn’t seem likely.

Young and the Restless always had Adam grabbing power, or Victor grabbing the reigns, and both aiming at each other. And it continues now, even when each is desperate to be close as father and son. For Adam Newman to be happy, they’ve got to work out things.

Young and the Restless: Adam Newman (Mark Grossman) - Victor Newman (Eric Braeden)

Does Chelsea Make Adam Happy?

Another issue on Young and the Restless for Adam Newman is women in his life. Now, he’s with Chelsea Newman (Melissa Claire Egan). But, is she the endgame for him? A legion of “Chadam” fans would agree they’re meant to be together. However, think about their latest pairing.

Recently on Young and the Restless, Adam wooed Chelsea, but she kept sticking to Nick. In fact, she didn’t even want to come back to GC to be with him. And the second her husband died, she bounced over to Nick Newman (Joshua Morrow) instead.

Meanwhile, Adam connected with Sharon Newman (Sharon Case) from the moment he came back on Young and the Restless. And, it sure looked like Y&R was heading that direction. But, Sharon or Chelsea can’t make him happy, if he’s incapable of happiness.

Can Anything Make Adam Truly Happy on Young and the Restless?

In real life, no one can force happiness on you. And the same goes for Adam Newman on the CBS soap. Until he’s got his father problems straightened out, he’ll never be all-in on a relationship with a woman. But maybe this Kansas murder plot will finally sort Adam and Victor’s issues.

If he can find a happy path with his dad on Young and the Restless, then surely Adam Newman can decide which woman’s best for him. Then, he can be a good dad to his son — and a good husband. But if he did figure all that out, he wouldn’t be a good soap character, would he?

Now, it doesn’t look like Adam will make peace with his demons on Young and the Restless. So, he’ll keep scheming, plotting, and twisting his way through life. And that makes him worth watching on Y&R. If Adam Newman was every truly and fully happy, we’d lose interest, right?

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