‘Young and the Restless’: Billy Abbott Wants Another Chance to Finish Adam

Young and the Restless spoilers say Billy Abbott‘s (Jason Thompson) falling apart mentally and it’s all about Adam Newman (Mark Grossman). The prodigal son’s life is in danger and he’s got no idea. With Chloe Mitchell  (Elizabeth Hendrickson) out of the picture, Adam feels safe.

He shouldn’t. Billy Abbott feels like Delia Abbott’s (Sophie Pollono) haunting him with a message to “Stop Adam”. In fact, it’s not some ghostly specter tormenting him but someone in the real world. Will it work and they provoke Billy into trying to kill Adam Newman again on the CBS soap?

Young and the Restless: Billy Abbott Harbors Murderous Fantasies

Y&R spoilers say Billy Abbott’s once again at his tipping point. He’s not sleeping, he’s dreaming terrible things. He keeps finding Delia’s little dolls in strange places. Then there’s the cryptic message behind the wallpaper. Billy knows he’s falling apart and sought help.

The therapist tried to reason with him, but Billy Abbott’s exhausted and borderline out of control. So, he’s not hearing her. Billy doesn’t want to mess up his happy life with Victoria Newman (Amelia Heinle). But he can’t get his Adam obsession under control.

Someone is pushing Billy’s buttons. But who gains from that? The most likely culprits are Chloe or Kevin Fisher (Greg Rikaart) who both want Adam Newman gone – and revenge for Delia. There is someone behind all this and their plot seems to be working well because Billy’s off the deep end, promise Young and the Restless spoilers.

Y&R Spoilers: Who’s Pushing Billy To Murder Adam Newman?

Young and the Restless spoilers hint the person behind this is someone that wants Adam Newman dead. And wants to keep their own hands clean. Some fans suggested on social media it might be Adam himself tormenting Billy. But how does it help Adam to get himself killed?

No, the perp is someone that wants Adam hurt. So, that’s a short list. Kevin, Chloe, or possibly even Michael Baldwin (Christian LeBlanc). All three of them have dark enough tendencies to mess with Billy’s head like this. Although it seems awful to use a dead little girl’s memory this way.

But they may take an “end justifies the means” approach. Avenging Delia’s death might be worth manipulating her memory. No matter who’s doing it, this is terrible. If Billy Abbott doesn’t figure this out, he may kill Adam Newman and wind up in jail, hint Young and the Restless spoilers.

Young and the Restless: Can Anyone Stop Billy Abbott Before It’s Too Late?

Y&R spoilers say Victoria knows Billy Abbott is hanging on by a thread. He talked to Sharon Newman (Sharon Case) about it too. Plus, the therapist. But, there’s no guarantee any of them can save him from this fiendish plot.

Unless Billy Abbott’s gone bat-crap crazy on his own, then someone’s doing this to him. Basically, he’s a gun they’re aiming at Adam, predict Young and the Restless spoilers. So, to unravel this mystery, it’s only a matter of knowing who wants him dead.

But will anyone realize how dangerous Billy Abbott’s become before it’s too late and he harms Adam Newman? Wait and see what crops up the next couple of weeks on this simmering storyline on Y&R on CBS daytime.

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