‘Young and the Restless’: Adam Newman Shot – Karmic Payback of a Surprising Sort

Young and the Restless spoilers ended the week with Adam Newman (Mark Grossman) gut shot and bleeding out. Next week, doctors race to save Victor Jr’s life while his dad and Sharon Newman (Sharon Case) paced the floor at Genoa City Memorial. But CBS soap fans won’t be left in suspense long.

On Monday’s US episode, viewers will learn Adam came through surgery with flying colors and is going to be okay. In fact, he’s going to be better than okay. But then the real question is what’s next for Adam and who shot him? Here is a surprising Y&R spoiler hint about the shooter and the karma that came for the bad boy.

Young and the Restless Spoilers: Family Wants to Know Who Shot Adam Newman

Y&R spoilers promise that some of the usual suspects will be hassled over the shooting. Nick Newman (Joshua Morrow) was quick to ask Billy Abbott (Jason Thompson) if he did the deed. Even though Billy was in bed with Victoria Newman (Amelia Heinle) at the time of the shooting, he could have paid someone to take out Adam. But then again, the last time that Billy wanted Adam dead, he did the dirty work himself. So, you can see Billy didn’t do this.

However, Billy doesn’t mind that someone put a bullet in his ex-brother-in-law. Billy quizzed Nick on whether he shot him. Then, he mocked Nick using toddler Christian Newman as an alibi. Of course, Young and the Restless spoilers promise Chloe Mitchell (Elizabeth Hendrickson) is back to GC soon. She’s tried before (more than once) to kill Adam. So, Chloe seems a likely culprit for sure. But the CBS sudser did it before. Let’s hope they’re not rehashing it.

Y&R Spoilers: Spider the Target – Not Adam Newman?

Another distinct possibility, hint Young and the Restless spoilers, is that Adam Newman wasn’t the real target. Instead, it might have been that the gunman (or gunwoman) was out to kill Spider, the Vegas card sharp and expert poker player. Remember, there’s a lot more to Spider than anyone watching the CBS soap knows. Adam Newman “died” almost three years ago. He woke up with no memory and carved out a new life for himself.

That new life seems shady, tease Y&R spoilers. Plus, he seemed to be running a con with someone else. Soap Dirt reported that Adam’s amnesia seemed to be real, but he was still taking advantage of Victor’s generosity and conning him by coming to GC to take what he could. But now, all that ended with a bullet. On Monday, when Adam Newman wakes from his surgery, he takes one look at Victor and says “dad”. It’s a soap opera miracle…

How Long Will “Who Shot Adam” Mystery Last?

Things have been moving quickly on Young and the Restless since Adam Newman resurrected. Usually, amnesia drags on for months or even years on soaps. The guy’s been back on the scene for about a week and already met his family, held his estranged son, got shot, had surgery, survived, and recovered from amnesia. That might be a daytime drama record for fast-moving plots. In that same vein, perhaps the shooting mystery will also wrap soon.

The two likeliest outcomes for the shooting culprit are either Chloe or someone random from Spider’s sketchy Sin City life. The latter seems most probable, say Y&R spoilers. That way, everyone in GC has clean hands. One strange thing is that the shooter left the bag of money. So, if Adam Newman scammed someone out of that bag of cash, it seems strange that they would leave it behind, right? If the soap keeps up this rapid pace, Chief Paul should crack the case by Tuesday…

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