WWHL: Debra Winger Was Rude, Say ‘Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen’ Fans

Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen (WWHL) featured Debra Winger, and the actress is getting backlash. Andy Cohen played standard games with Winger, but Debra didn’t want to play along. Now Debra is feeling the heat from social media participants who don’t like the way Winger treated callers and Cohen.

Debra Winger gets Twitter backlash from WWHL fans

As seen in the below videos from Watch What Happens Live, Debra Winger poo-pooed questions about sexual tension with John Travolta in Urban Cowboy. Also, Debra alluded to a hard time with Richard Gere in An Officer and a Gentleman, blaming it on the powers that be over the movie. But when Andy Cohen went to “huge fan” Julie from Cincinnati on the phone, Winger began tapping her wrist, as if to tell the woman to hurry up.

On WWHL, Debrah Winger spoke of “pigs” being involved and “bad men running the show” with An Officer and a Gentleman. It wasn’t exactly the movie’s director that caused problems, but Winger didn’t elaborate on who did. Debra did speak about running into Gere at the Guggenheim Museum. “We were walking you know and we passed each other and he said, ‘Do you still say s*$% things about me?’ I said, ‘I never said s*$% things about you,’ which I probably did.”

Debra Winger wouldn’t talk about kisses on Watch What Happens Live

The Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen YouTube channel, along with Twitter, collects comments about Debra’s demeanor. Winger played Plead the Fifth with Andy Cohen, but didn’t dish about Shirley MacLaine or leading man kisses. Debra said she never wrote about Shirley, even though MacLaine wrote about Winger.

For her part on WWHL, Winger would only admit “there’s something true in there.” As for the on-screen kisses with Travolta, Gere, Anthony Hopkins, and Robert Redford, Debra wouldn’t elaborate on who was the best kisser. Instead, Debra asked Andy what he was doing 40 years ago. “I dug kissing all of them. Some of them required a little more sucking in of the cheeks, yes, so as to simulate a tongue,” she admitted.

WWHL: Andy asked Winger if she was E.T.

On Watch What Happens Live, Andy also asked Debra a few less-personal questions. Debra Winger may have been the voice for E.T. in E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial. However, that was another question that Winger wouldn’t answer directly. Her dancing around certain queries has drawn the wrath of some fans.

As for her answer, Winger told Andy that he would have to ask Steven Spielberg. Meanwhile, actress Amanda Peet performed her best E.T. impression, which kind of took the tension away. Debra then went on to perform her E.T. voice.

Winger’s revolt on WWHL

Andy is well-known for dealing with plenty of personalities on WWHL, which usually includes Real Housewives cast members. But Debra gained backlash and quips from viewers, with one writing, “I don’t know why they say she’s difficult.”

Others are noting that Debra shouldn’t do any interviews anymore after her WWHL appearance. On the contrary, some folks are praising Winger for her honesty.

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