Will ‘Bold and the Beautiful’ Muddy the Waters With Another Steffy Pregnancy?

Bold and the Beautiful spoilers have the Steffy Forrester (Jacqueline MacInnes Wood) and Hope Logan (Annika Noelle) story getting murkier by the day. It’s been six months since Hope was lied to about her baby dying and Steffy got the kid. Now, rather than tying up loose ends, the plot is unraveling.

This week, Liam Spencer (Scott Clifton) beds down with Steffy. So, does that mean the showrunner is planning to complicate this already-messy story in the worst of ways by adding another baby to the mix? More babies is the last thing B&B needs, but the stage is set to throw not one – but two – into the mix on the CBS sudser.

Bold and the Beautiful Spoilers: Steffy Forrester Sleeps With Liam More Than Once

It’s one thing for Steffy Forrester to get pregnant with Liam after one roll in the sheets. But, B&B spoilers for next week say they’re back in bed together again. Soon, Liam feels guilty about his night with Steffy and confesses to Hope Logan. Of course, that’s great news for Thomas Forrester (Matthew Atkinson).

He takes advantage, tells Hope that Liam’s moved on with Steffy Forrester then has Douglas Forrester (Henry Joseph Samiri) propose to Hope. She says yes. Leaked pics show Hope and Thomas should get married, confirm Bold and the Beautiful spoilers. Upset Liam runs back to Steffy and falls into bed with her again.

B&B Spoilers: Another Pregnancy Worsens This Awful Plot?

Bold and the Beautiful spoilers promise this plot will frustrate fans but will be worth it. Right now, viewers are just frustrated. They want Hope to have her baby back now. But with Steffy Forrester bedding down with Liam, that brings pregnancy risk. And, in a way, it makes a little sense for her to get pregnant. Here’s why.

Right now, B&B spoilers remind that Steffy has two daughters. She wanted a bond for Kelly Spencer like she had with her twin. But, she’s going to lose Phoebeth to Hope eventually. So, her being pregnant would fill the gap that giving her adopted daughter to Hope will leave, say Bold and the Beautiful spoilers. And further enrage fans that are sick of this storyline.

Bold and the Beautiful: Hope Logan Doesn’t Want a Baby – Pregnant Anyway?

Another terrible twist that could come from B&B spoilers is if Hope Logan winds up pregnant by Thomas Forrester. The guy has turned into a real creep. He nudged Emma Barber (Nia Sioux) to her death. Then he drugged Liam and nudged him towards Steffy’s bed. Now, he’s leveraging Hope to marry him and be a mom to Douglas.

So, a leaked pic shows him shirtless with Hope. It might be a honeymoon scene. Hope’s paranoid about getting pregnant. So, she’s no doubt on birth control. But Thomas is exactly the kind of guy who would replace her pills with a placebo and do everything he can to impregnate her, hint Bold and the Beautiful spoilers.

B&B Needs to Sort Out Beth First – Without More Babies

Bold and the Beautiful spoilers say that after the most recent episode, when Liam confessed to sleeping with Steffy, Hope wished him well. She was hurt. Then, she insisted he return to Steffy Forrester. So, that’s why he winds up back in her bed. And sickest of all is that Thomas is playing all of them like an orchestra of fiddles.

So, it is quite possible that B&B could set Steffy up to turn up pregnant after the baby truth comes out. That would mirror the set-up where Hope Logan turned up pregnant with Liam’s kid and led him to her. Plus (and heaven forbid) if Hope turns up pregnant with Thomas’s kid, that would send Liam off the deep end.

So, fingers crossed, the CBS soap won’t add more babies to the mix. But they could and it would make it so there’s no clear-cut cure to this conundrum. Watch and wait – and let’s see what they next to twist viewers around with this story.

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