Why ‘Young and the Restless’ is Dredging Delia Plot Again to Torment Adam

Young and the Restless is resurrecting not just Adam Newman (Mark Grossman) but also the painful Delia Abbott (Sophie Pollono). This painful plot dredged again is irritating legions of fans. With tons of other current storylines to explore, it begs the question of why the writing regime is diving back into old material? We’ve got the answer for you – – as it seems this will continue on the CBS soap for a while.

Young and the Restless Spoilers: Delia Abbott Plot Resurrected With Adam Newman

While fans asked for years for Adam Newman to come back from the dead, they didn’t ask to bring up the painful backstory of Delia Abbott’s death. This is the third time this storyline has been dredged on Y&R. Spoilers remind that the last time Adam came back from the dead, with Justin Hartley in the role, this played out a second time. Adam crept back into town as Gabriel Bingham. His new face disguised him – after he was crisped in the car fire.

That was after Billy Abbott (then Billy Miller) shot him and then ran off the road. He left Adam Newman to die a fiery death in a car-be-cue. But slippery Adam slithered into the river and came back nine months later with a new face and more lies. At that point, Adam never faced judicial justice for the hit and run. Then he did. And after his day in court, Chloe Mitchell (Elizabeth Hendrickson) ran him over with a car, reminds Young and the Restless history.

Y&R: Why Do We Need the Same Plot a Third Time?

So the big question for Young and the Restless fans is this. Why is the show bringing up this painful plot of a child’s ACCIDENTAL death for a THIRD TIME? The answer is Josh Griffith. The month of October 2013 on the soap was consumed with Delia Abbott being hit by a car, dying, and then her funeral. Josh Griffith crafted a shocking final plot before he left the show to do other projects.

Michael Muhney (ex-Adam Newman) talked about Josh Griffith in an interview at the time and explained how devoted the writer was to his final storyline. Muhney called the Delia death plot the “final farewell” to Josh. He said it’s a “coup de grace” that’s “a really big story”. And that it’s “a nice way for him to go out”. Then Muhney added that he’s glad Josh Griffith got to tell this story “and go out on a high note” from Young and the Restless.

Josh Griffith is Finishing the Story He Started in 2013

So, new Young and the Restless showrunner, Josh Griffith, started the Delia Abbott story but didn’t see it through. His final storylines aired around the time of her funeral. Thus, the big confrontation with Billy Abbott and Adam Newman in 2014 were not ones he wrote. Shelly Altman constructed the showdown of Billy and Adam. Perhaps Josh wasn’t satisfied with it. Now in charge of the soap, Josh Griffith can literally rewrite history the way he wants.

Y&R fan satisfaction takes a back seat to Josh redoing his swan song. Social media rejoiced with confirmation of the Adam Newman resurrection and recast. Now, Adam is reliving Delia’s death all over again on Young and the Restless. The amnesia device ensured that he found out he ran over Delia Abbott like it was news to him. This forces fans to relieve it all. Viewers survived the painful story already. Now, Josh Griffith pushes it on them again.

The answer to the burning question of WHY DREDGE DELIA ABBOTT is simple. Josh Griffith wants to go back and write the story that he never got to finish. If you don’t like it, the alternative is to keep your thumb poised over the fast forward button — or come back in a few months when it’s over and done. Maybe when he gets this out of his system, the show will settle into better using Adam Newman, Billy Abbott, and others.

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