Who is Ava Vitali on ‘Days of our Lives’ – 5 Things You Must Know

Days of our Lives spoilers bring Ava Vitali (Tamara Braun) back to the NBC soap opera – but who is she, what’s she doing with the Kiriakis heir, and why is her return such a big deal? Here are the five most important things to know about this woman.

#1 Ava Vitali “Died” on Days of our Lives – Now She’s Back

We first met Ava Vitali back in 2008, and she had a run then, and again in 2011 with a few appearances in 2015 and 2016. Ava’s always been played by Tamara Braun, the ex-General Hospital actress (Carly Corinthos, Kim Nero).

Ava Vitali met her Days of our Lives end, presumably, in 2016, when she was strangled to death. However, as most fans of the NBC sudser know, dead is rarely dead. Now, Ava’s back in town and tangled up with a legacy son doing dirty business.

#2 She is a Mob Princess on DOOL – from a Crime Family

On Days of our Lives, Ava is the son of mob kingpin Martino Vitali. She can be psychotic, murderous, and downright dangerous. Early in her DOOL run, she sabotaged a plane resulting in several deaths. She kidnapped and shot Hope Brady (Kristian Alfonso).

Ava’s past Days of our Lives crime sprees included drugging, blackmail, planting false evidence, and other mob-related nastiness. But Ava also has a long-simmering obsession with a resident of Salem – and a child by him. And now she’s back to DOOL to stir the pot and blackmail someone.

Days of Our Lives Spoilers: Ava Vitali (Tamara Braun) - Steve Johnson (Stephen Nichols)

#3 Ava is Tripp Dalton’s Mother – Patch is the Daddy on Days of our Lives

The driving force behind most everything Ava Vitali did on DOOL was her obsessive love for Steve Johnson (Stephen Nichols). But she’s no “Sweetness.” Way, way back in the day, she fell hard for Patch when he worked for her dad in the mob biz. And Steve intended to marry her.

However, Days of our Lives history says the DiMeras kidnapped him, so she was crushed at the altar. That drove Ava literally crazy. She gave birth to Tripp Dalton (Lucas Adams) after the non-wedding, but her father put the baby up for adoption. So, Tripp didn’t grow up with either parent.

#4 Steve Johnson’s Other Son is in Prison for her “Murder” on DOOL

No doubt Days of our Lives will explain how Ava Vitali survived – but here’s a quick look at how she died. After jumping bail and running to Italy, she made friends with Joey Johnson (James Lastovic), son of Patch and Kayla Brady (Mary Beth Evans). She used him to try and steal Patch.

But, Days of our Lives fans may recall Joey fell for Ava. After she kidnapped Kayla and blackmailed Steve into her bed, Joey erupted in a fury. The young man smothered her with a pillow in a drunken rage. Back then, Steve falsely confessed to the crime, and she was presumed dead.

Days of Our Lives Spoilers: Ava Vitali (Tamara Braun) - Joey Johnson (James Lastovic)

#5 Ava Vitali is Blackmailing Philip over Gambling Debts on Days of our Lives

Spoilers reintroduced Ava Vitali to the character canvas last week – and she’s here to play for a while. Now, Philip got into a pickle by racking up gambling debts with the mob. So, he’s laundering money for Ava to earn his way out of debt or else face mob punishment.

Soon, Days of our Lives spoilers show Ava knocks at Steve’s door – even though she’s a fugitive and supposed to stay hidden. Plus, red flags wave and tie Ava’s return to Tripp’s assault case. It looks like someone with family ties to Tripp (and maybe Ava) is guilty.

That should catch you up on who’s Ava Vitali on DOOL. Watch the NBC sudsfest to see if she confronts Steve and tries to steal him from Kayla again. Will Ava succeed since Kayla and Patch are soon on the outs over the Tripp assault argument? Wait to see.

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