When is ‘Bold and the Beautiful’ on Next – Thomas-Hope Scene Delayed Indefinitely

Bold and the Beautiful frustrated fans skipping the last episode. That pushes Thomas Forrester‘s (Matthew Atkinson) creepy cuddle scene with Hope Logan (Annika Noelle) off indefinitely. So, the big scene was promised on what should have been Tuesday’s B&B. But, CBS news pre-emptions mean it’ll be Wednesday at the earliest. Or maybe weeks away before we see Thomas with Hope being sketchy.

When is Bold and the Beautiful Back on the Air – Thomas Forrester & Hope Logan Scenes Ahead

Tuesday’s B&B spoilers promised a distraught and sad Hope Logan would take comfort with Thomas Forrester. Although, the scene was to be platonic, it would give Thomas reason to think they could get closer on Bold and the Beautiful. Instead, we got news coverage we could have seen elsewhere.

Now, fans and Thomas Forrester could be left waiting indefinitely for more Hope Logan. CBS said that it “might” air a new episode on Wednesday. But, it’s likely that viewers won’t know if they’ll see Bold and the Beautiful up until showtime. They posted the tweet below to keep fans on the line, but…

This leaves eager CBS soap watchers hanging to see if their DVR will have news or the soap they wanted. Because, the network already said they’d be covering the action in DC. So, Bold and the Beautiful scenes with Thomas Forrester and Hope Logan could be delayed indefinitely.

B&B Pre-Empted – But For How Long?

On Tuesday, CBS chose news over Bold and the Beautiful. And they likely will do again. If not tomorrow, then other days. Perhaps, local affiliates can exert pressure – along with fans – to air soaps. Many local CBS stations released statements telling viewers that programming choices are out of their hands.

That came in response to irate calls. But, what fans want might not matter to network execs. Of course, CBS could throw fans a bone and put Bold and the Beautiful episodes On-Demand and their website for free. However, that seems about as likely as Hope Logan showing up in lingerie to seduce Thomas Forrester.

Or they might throw in a new episodes every few days to keep fans enticed. So, how long can they frustrate fans with last-minute pre-emptions and still have a fan base to come back to? That’s a head scratcher. Every day there’s not a soap episode, they’ll lose viewers – perhaps for good.

Is Bold and the Beautiful on Today – Or Not?

As of now, the show could be on Wednesday and we may see Thomas Forrester getting Hope Logan in his clutches. Alternately, we could be left waiting for weeks. Meanwhile, CBS remains the one place fans can see Bold and the Beautiful. So why not put these episodes on late in the evenings or stream them?

Because, C-SPAN, CNN and other outlets offer news coverage. Plus, advertisers bought targeted ad space during Bold and the Beautiful – not this alternate programming. So, if the network doesn’t listen to fans – maybe they’ll listen to advertisers.

For now, we’ll be hanging til the last second to see what’s next with Hope Logan, Thomas Forrester, and everyone else on B&B as we wait to see what CBS will do today. And the official word is they’ll wait to the last minute to decide if it’s soaps or that other drama…

Check back for Bold and the Beautiful spoilers from Soap Dirt.