When Does ‘Young and the Restless’ Start Taping Again?

When is Young and the Restless filming new episodes is the top question on fans’ minds these days. Most enjoy classic episodes but are eager for new material and want to know when it’s back on air with fresh material. There’s plenty of activity happening at CBS daytime studios. Y&R’s sister soap B&B returned last week for a day of shooting, then shut down production again. However, they’re back to work this week. So, when will the other soap come back?

When Does Young and the Restless Resume?

What we’ve heard from our source behind the scenes is that they’ll get back to filming by the end of the month. That’s next week, but we’ve also heard that Y&R sent scripts to some actors, and they’re prepping to shoot new scenes. We’ve even heard they started COVID testing cast and crew.

So, who will be first back when Young and the Restless films new episodes? First scenes feature Adam Newman (Mark Grossman), we heard. That makes sense because he was in a big cliffhanger moment, just learning that he killed AJ back in Kansas when he was just a kid.

Also, Young and the Restless brings back Sharon Case as Sharon Newman for critical scenes. There are upcoming scenes where Adam finally hears Sharon’s got cancer. So, that should be huge and lays the groundwork for some upcoming couple splits that leaked. That all starts later this month.

When Will Y&R Start Taping Again and New Episodes Air?

If Young and the Restless meets their goal to resume shooting by month’s end, then it would be the end of July or early August when new episodes air. It usually takes several weeks for editors to put the soap episodes together from what’s taped. But, they’ll likely be working faster now.

B&B’s showrunner, Brad Bell, promised they would hit the ground running and reduce their tape-to-air time. We should expect Young and the Restless to do the same. While some fans really enjoy seeing re-runs of classic episodes, the ratings outlook isn’t promising.

And once fans break their habit of watching Young and the Restless daily, they might not return. So, the heat is on to get back to work and new episodes of Y&R on the air. The third actor we heard returns is Joshua Morrow, AKA Nick Newman. He’ll have scenes with Sharon and Adam.

When Will Young and the Restless Taping and Is Everyone Back at Once?

Fingers crossed, CBS daytime will open its doors by the week of June 29-July 3. However, that’s heading into a holiday weekend, so there’s a chance Young and the Restless won’t come back until the first week of July. But, we’re hoping to have some news for you on that soon.

Our source works behind the scenes at CBS daytime and has been feeding us tidbits. Crew members in production, editing, and other departments had COVID tests done and are heading back into work at Young and the Restless and other productions.

As to when the rest of the cast will return, it will not be all at once. Older actors and those with underlying medical concerns should be the last to come back to Young and the Restless to film new episodes. Once we hear more about who’s coming back, we’ll drop that news here.

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